One Reply to “Chicago Clout presents "Have Gavel Will Travel" video with Judge Anthony Burrell”

  1. It’s true, all these bad things happen to our children here in Chicago, and why is it that people don’t take a stand. How is it that our leaders do not make lives the priority?

    I support you Judge Burrell and I admire what you are doing with this interview.

    I have over twenty years working as an instructor, I have watched the decay day by day, little by little, until truly the child, the teacher, and our values have been left behind.

    I’m proud to use my voice to create change, there should be more people like you Judge Burrell, out there trying to make a difference in people’s lives, not just lip service, real service to the people in the community, tackling their problems and meeting their needs.

    Our founding fathers, when they formed this country were not concerned with lining their pockets like today’s politicians. They already had success and wanted to share that success and ideas with all people so they may be free to live and prosper.

    I’m sick of the “watering down of humanity”, and it’s plaguing the poor and middle class.

    Let’s get a 360 going on here in Chicago! This is the fire, and you are a flame that can take our city and state out of this SHAME.

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