2 Replies to “Chicago Clout supports Judge Burrell for Appellate Court of Illinois”

  1. Pat,

    I will defiantly do my research in regards to Judge Burrell. Upon my research I will most probably vote for Judge Burrell.

    However as an embarrassed member of Local 726 let us reflect on or around May 31, 2007 when you, Mr. Bruce Randazzo and I objected to the Shakman Accord Agreement. We reiterated to Judge Anderson that the Mayor was not about to change his ongoing practice i.e. awarding those who are politically connected and or his friends with the city’s taxpayers dollars.

    Also, I advised the judge that Local 726 should be placed into receivership due to their interest and or relationship with the dictator (Daley). The judge stated “we need individuals like yourselves to come forward to bring change within the City and that his chambers or doors are open to any one of us at any time”.

    I have recently contacted the judge’s clerk to take him up on his above offer to no avail. It is unfortunate that Anderson was obviously playing up to the media whom were all present and was never sincere in his above offer and or statement.

    Perhaps the judge does not want to here what we have to say which is “we told you so judge”. I only pray that Judge Burrell will not follow in Andersen’s footsteps and that is he is unlike Anderson truly since in his practice.

  2. Hey Pat ! Frank Anton is a very knowledgeable person, yes The Judge told us his door is always open to us ! (Frank, Bruce, Pat) he did say you got any evidense of coruption, you come and see me personnaly ! This judge is about to retire from the bench, And just a note to all that do not know yet, H D O is not dead, it is still alive and well, it was reorganized with black and white folks in it also, Look around and see who is giving the orders. The inspector general is not doing anything, I have called about some things, that were not right, when they took my call it was like “how dare those people do this” but when its time to go home they still go home and nothing got done.
    I want every city worker to run for the Alderman position, lets teach those polititions how we as city workers get things done. I am running for Alderman in my ward!! I hope Pat runs too, and also my Brothers and sisters run also!!!

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