More Later on 2016 Olympic meeting at Wright College August 13, 2009

Long before anyone knew who No Games Chicago was; Charles Walker came to me and asked to help this organization. This group of activists, the No Games group, has taken the City of Chicago and the Olympic World by storm. I enjoy watching a well oiled machine work. The City of Chicago laid off a large amount of workers from two unions that decided to allow the members to vote on accepting wage concessions and furlough days. Most of the other unions made the decisions for their members. None of the unions made any concessions to the membership. No reduction in dues, nothing. I am thankful for media covering this story, this is a tragedy. I have wrote long before the downturn, Chicago is broke, the infrastructure is rotten, and selling off assets is a major mistake. The Daley Administration spent money like drunken sailors when the economy was good, and kept spending when it tanked. We have a video of Chicago city workers that brought food and money to assist at a 2016 Olympic meeting. I am proud of my boys; they brought three bags of food. I am proud of the teamsters that showed up and brought food. Some of the workers laid off told me they are now on government assistance; they have been replaced with non-union hired trucks. I asked the head of the Operators Local 150 if he wants his boys to keep loading non-union hired trucks, he would not answer. A high profile attorney agreed to represent all the laid off workers in Federal and state court. Contact us. See what the current union management does for its workers now. Watch the video we will post soon. I am proud to help Teamsters local 726, they are real men. Special thanks to Angelo Fata, Charles Walker, John Swietczak, and the McDonough boys. Patrick McDonough

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  1. 1. food drive nice and thoughtfull touch

    2. Pat as usual you facts are wrong. Some of the other unions did ask their membership by polls or votes, those unions made the right decision.

    3. When you are confronted with legal issues, you run and hide so I wont waist time but here is a question:

    If this lawyer does win the case and any of these employee are reinstated what happens…simple others will be laid off.

    So I guess the rest of the world is wrong with layoff or furlough days as companies and unions are doing nationwide

    Botton line how a union decided on the agreement is up to the union and internal to the union. The City had nothing to do with it.

    4. Pat why should local 130 lower your dues since you pay fairshare anyways(Response) Name a single grievance followed up by the union and tell me what tom mcmanus does all day?



  3. That meeting was a joke, their theory is “stuff them with cheese cake and blow sunshine up their ass!”. Are these people for real? Great, thousands of jobs created by being the host city, but what happens after they leave town? Right back to where we started from. What happens to all these “jobs” after the Games are over? I have heard tons of their quotes and tons of Fuhrer Daley’s quotes. Here’s my quote!!! “I just want to work, I don’t want to play their “Games”!!!!!”

  4. Anonymous sounds like he’s one of Daley’s cronies, or maybe a major supporter to the Daley machine. Either way it’s the ones who post as “Anonymous” that are sneaky little, spineless rats. Ones that post as “Anonymous” hide in the shadows and must really not believe in the crap they preach, otherwise they would stand up and be proud of their beliefs and the words they preach. Come on Anonymous, what are you afraid of? Why hide behind a name like Anonymous?

  5. Anonymous wrote:”Botton line how a union decided on the agreement is up to the union and internal to the union. The City had nothing to do with it.”-

    Have you lost your mind Anonymous? The city had everything to do with it. Daley put the unions in the position where they had to sacrifice some to save themselves. Shortshanks is ready to cut a blank check to get some Olympics here and in the same breath cry’s that the city is broke! He’s the Oxy and your the Moron Anonymous. Where’s all the Skyway money? What happened to the money from the meters? How about the $115,000,000 guarantee the city made when Midway fell through? Who’s watching the money trail? This city isn’t broke. Taxes go up every other day! Someone please indict Daley already??? Hey Fitzgerald ~knock, knock, knock!!! Anyone home? What the Hell are you waiting for??? I can’t write any more, I’m so damn disgusted by talking about this city and it’s Dictator!

  6. what is fairshare? why can nobody answer this?

    Its called an agency fee in the private sector. You dont belong but pay a portion of the dues around 85-95% for the cost of the union representing you. The other cost which they dont pay are connected to non representation issues such as civic events, charity evebts etc. It usually means you cant vote on the contract. So Pat had no vote or say anyways since he is not a member but wants to save money.

    As for David G. The reserve money is ging to cover the rest of this years debt. No David G. Economy put the city in this position. If you are so fed up working for the city quit. I did but because of a better opportunity in the real work called the private sector. Oh by the way alot of us have taken pay cuts to keep others employed. But it to good for you…

  7. This is in response to 11.

    What is a Fair Share clause?

    A Fair Share clause would require that bargaining unit members who are not union members, but who receive the benefits of the collective bargaining agreement that the union has negotiated, pay their fair share of the costs that the union incurs in securing and enforcing the benefits of the collective bargaining agreement.

    Illinois is not a “right to work” state and a “fair share” payment is required to maintain employment. Workers in anti-union “right to work” states are given a “free ride” where they don’t pay for their union representation or adjucation of their union contracts. Under federal labor law, a union is still required to represent the workers.

    More information can be obtained by googling “fair share and labor unions.”

    The source of this information was the Iowa Chapter of the AFL-CIO. They are pressing to obtain “fair share” payments for their services in relation to collective bargaining and adjucating contracts. Iowa is a “right to work” state.

    I hope that you find this information useful.

    If you decide to pay “fair share” while not maintaining active membership within the union, you will have no rights to sign the books or be referred by the union hall for further employment. Personally I would recommend that union members continue to pay full dues for this reason, regardless of the issues they may have with their representation. Privitization of municipal jobs is a very real possibility in the future.

    My biggest regret about the shutdown and furlough days is that they were enacted after we had members laid off this past January.

  8. I never said I was fed up working for the city, I’m fed up with having corrupt leadership in this city. I have the right to work here just as any other city resident does. But it’s hard to work when his Fuhrer Daley decides to help his buddies out who own trucks that ARE effected by the economy and let them sit idle for hours on the taxpayers dime. I have played this game with the city and the hired truck crap dating back to 1995. I know the scam. The city has money. PERIOD! That ass is ready to cut checks to the IOC. He’s cutting checks to his friends who’s trucks sit up on the north side. If your in the private sector why don’t you just keep your useless anonymous comments to yourself. Why should you care now whats going on?

  9. Joanie, I hope it never comes to union busting for municipalities. Unfortunately unions are a necessary evil. With out them, things would be much worse right now. The bad part is that most unions are corrupt and usually in bed with the employers that they negotiate with. The international came in and swept out all the elected members of Local 726, but now we have goons from local 731 and the Joint Council running the office like Billy Logan who could care less about the us. Hopefully one day we can have honest leadership in both our unions and our employers, but for now we have to keep exposing the crooks the best we can.

    ~Hey Pat, any idea who this Anonymous is?

  10. So Pat our you fairshare of full share? The question goes to the credibility of your post.

    Since yoiu like to say when men were men, are you going to answer the question or just ignore it

  11. Pat,
    Your pathetic whining and food drive for your laid off city workers it truely funny. I can’t remember if ANY other trades had a food drive for me, a Local 134 electrician when I was laid off over 10 months ago, went through foreclosure and pretty much lost all of my savings. Too bad you useless city workers only went a few weeks without having to sign up for government assistance. Like I said before, Welcome to the Cook County Building Trades—Jagoff, now DON’T EVEN BE ONE SECOND LATE PAYING YOUR DUES!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why does the unions still need so many business represenitives when 35 to 40% of thier members are out of work and will remain that way for years to come???? Ask you union B.A’s that. I think it is time for the MEMBERS to take back the unions, not the political hacks

  12. Hey local 134 member, first off I’m a city worker and far from useless you asshole. Second, I signed up for government assistance as soon as I got laid off because only a moron waits until his house is in foreclosure and all his savings are gone before he applies for government assistance. Not too bright there eh? Finally, give me a break you under worked over payed jerk weed, you got your pay for your 5 year apprenticeship so shut your pie hole! Wah, Wah, no one gave meee aa fooood driiiive…Wah…Go wine to someone who cares. I didn’t get paid for learning my trade for 5 years. As far as taking back our unions? What the Hell do you think we are trying to do???? Take a Q tip and insert until you see light!

  13. Easy people, there’s so much anger channeled in the wrong direction. I encourage you to take this negative energy and channel it in the right direction.

    Dick Daley is where the Dick is coming from and the Dick also controls all the Unions. Your Unions are puppets of the Big Dick i.e. figure of speech.

    The retaliation that is in full force and effect against the Teamsters Local 726 members is not only due to the fact that we turned down the furlough days but that his puppets were ousted (Teamster Local 726 Fair and Equity Slate).

    Also, this is the time to stop venting or crying and pick up the pen. If you are a real man or woman file a grievance for the City failing to give their employees a 14 day notice in regards to Monday’s shut down. You only have 12 days from the violation date.

    Don’t be scared, put up or shut the F— UP!

  14. I have tried since Thursday to call that piece of shit Billy Logan at the hall. This jerk off refuses to return my call. He’s one of the reasons that Local 731 is a crappy local to be in. When is this special election gonna take place so we can get these goons from 731 out of our local?

  15. Frank,

    I hate to make the city look right and you look wrong but I think those days were agreed to by the unions, all of them last december. My steward told me that they (unions) ask for the day to be moved from 12/31 to monday

  16. I am far from being laid off however I called Local 726 today to ask them a question.

    The question was on behalf of my Local 726 brothers and sisters i.e. how can Dick Daley layoff our Union members and replace them with scabs.

    Furthermore, I wanted to know if the Dick (Daley) was in violation of our 10 year contract, Shakman Decree (Executive Order 2007-1) and or our First Amendment Rights freedom of speech.

    I got the same answer I used to get when the ousted puppets where there. Your B.A. is out in the field. I asked to speak to any B.A. The secretary stated “there all out in the field.

    I told her how ironic is this, that’s the same answer I used to get from the Union you replaced, what are you going to tell me tomorrow there all in a meeting.

    It’s the same old song and dance. Why don’t our Union official have GPS on their vehicles, we want to know how our Union dues are being wasted. Do you think they should start laying off some Union officials, time to trim the fat!

  17. John John last year was last year, the only way to find out is by filing a grievance.

    We all signed for those three specific days last year not indefinite. Never take Management or your Union officials word, get or put it in writing. The City which is infested with cronies whom are not to bright, believe me. Daley is throwing a tantrum and not thinking clearly. If they indeed made a mistake which I believe they did they have to pay you for that day.

    Also, Dave a petition is being circulated to hold an election within 120 days, I’ll try to get you the information to you.

  18. Again John John City employees must receive a 14 day notice prior to a shut down. Did you receive a 14 day notice from your Union? Was it in writing like last year?

  19. Thanks Frank! As far as calling the Local, you might have better luck calling The Joint Council, they are the ones running the show right now. You might try Local 731 because thats where Billy Logan’s main office is and he is supposedly running our local now. He’s more likely at a strip club wasting our dues!

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