City of Chicago Streets and Sanitation needs Safety Review

Chicago City Sweeper.jpg The City of Chicago has a crime ridden Streets and Sanitation Department so bad, Mayor Daley shuffles the high ranking members like a deck of cards. One of the employees today crossed a ward boundary in the afternoon to give me some grief. Streets and Sanitation wards are run by Ward Superintendents usually under the control of the local Alderman. I think this dude is with Alderman Allen and the 38TH Ward goons. Today, he crossed Addison Avenue at about 1:00 PM and started venting about safety issues, safety vests, I think he is very upset with his job and he is upset with the world. As a whistleblower against Alderman Allen and the City of Chicago in general, I get lots of tough guys that want to lull me into a fight and torment me on the job. In the past, guys that made my life miserable were rewarded with overtime, favors, and respect when they verbally assaulted me. Many other acts of random violence occurred on a regular basis. The Street Sweeper is a job that is considered a plum assignment to get you out of the garbage truck. The garbage truck is always hot for the driver, the engine is right under you; it stinks bad, and is a dangerous job. The rumor around the Teamsters was, ring a few doorbells, kiss a little rump, and walla, you are on the Street Sweeper. I tried to find the name of this dude, but Alderman Allen’s staff was not sure, Gregory Von Moser, and his replacement was scared as a cat to talk. This Street and Sanitation Street Sweeper needs to wear a helmet on duty, wear safety glasses, wear his safety vest, wear gloves, wear his seatbelt, and keep the clear plastic deflector for branches up at all times. He might also need to keep in his own ward and stop harassing whistleblowers. If you know what this goon was doing in the 30TH ward today, give me an e-mail, Mayor Daley wants you concentrating. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. The scam works like this Pat, One sweeper driver will do the other sweeper ward, while the sweeper driver does personal errands, this is a long time scam going on, This may have been a 36th ward or even a 30th ward sweeper, or a 38th ward sweeper. But who ever it is, he is wrong to assault you, and harassing you, Pat you are a whistle blower !!I would call the commissioner’s office and complain, But before you do that call the streets and san office ask to speak to the general foreman at this number 312-744-4589 to find out the guys name, make a compliant about this guy. (Response) I called the 30th ward, they said this is not their guy.

  2. Pat,

    I guess working for DWM makes you an expert in safety for Streets and Sanitation but not spelling. It is spelled “voila” not “walla”.
    voi·là (vwä-lä’)
    interj. Used to call attention to or express satisfaction with a thing shown or accomplished: Mix the ingredients, chill, and—voilà!—a light, tasty dessert.
    (Response) Thank you, I stand corrected. Should I change the word? I corrected your entry when you wrote steets instead of streets.

  3. Why is Pat always at thecenter of attention. Why is he always the victim?

    Maybe because he makes himself the center of attention by making up stories or changing facts in stories to make himself look self important or the victim. Or does he always acall the press? or in fact it all of the above.

    It is all of the above.

  4. Pat, the sweeper number is S12008. Every truck and sweeper is equipped with GPS so if there is ever an accident or a COMPLAINT, they can track down who the driver was and what he was doing/where he was at during 5 minute intervals. I’m sure with a little investigating you can figure out who this goon is Date/Time and sweeper #. I also noticed the guy was wearing elbow pads, why? Does he have matching knee pads for all the sucking up he does to get that gig?

  5. Chicago worker’s bribery trial opens
    September 9, 2009 6:29 PM | No Comments
    The federal bribery trial of a City of Chicago building inspector opened today with a prosecutor telling jurors they were not handling a particularly complicated case.

    “It’s all about someone taking money he’s not entitled to for official acts with the city,” Assistant U.S. Atty. Juliet Sorensen said in her opening statement.

    On trial is Michael Reese, one of more than two dozen individuals charged in Operation Crooked Code, the investigation of bribery in the city’s Buildings and Zoning Departments. Reese, 39, was indicted in December on one count of conspiracy to commit bribery and two counts of making false statements to federal investigators.

    Sorensen told the jury that Reese conspired with another former buildings inspector, David Johnson, to take cash in exchange for doing favors for a contractor named Sorin Adrian Oros. Johnson and Oros were convicted and are set to testify against Reese.

    Reese is charged with seeking $10,000 to fix violations on a South Side project in 2006. Reese allegedly told Johnson to persuade the developer to “come up with that number.”

    The trial also is expected to feature the testimony of Catherine Romasanta, a City Hall permit “expediter” who began cooperating in 2007 and became a government mole.

    Romasanta pleaded guilty in April to giving $6,000 to a zoning investigator on behalf of a developer. She admitted she often passed bribes to city officials while she worked as an expediter on building matters between 2001 and 2007.

    Reese’s lawyer, Andrea Gambino, called Reese an innocent man who began working for the city in 1993 and rose to supervisor in 2005. He was not involved in corruption with Johnson and Romasanta, she said.

    “Just because they say it doesn’t make it so,” said Gambino, urging the jury to seek corroboration.

  6. I can agree with you that Allen really has a bunch of goons working for him. When I had a problem working in Allen’s ward and notified Mr. Allen of problems with his goons and how they interact in the community, I found that Allen just don’t care nor does he need to do his job. I never received a call back from his office.

    You know, Tommy boy, it’s time to stop sweeping everything under the carpet, and we still remember what a great brick layer you are, but I did notice your goons are incrediblly stupid idiots, especially in front of the teachers and children, in places where they are supposed to be safe and protected.

    His goons say they are invincible because KING ALLEN REINS SUPREME! AND KING TOMMY GETS WHAT HE WANTS IN SCHOOLS AND PARKS! (Especially when it comes to city supervisory and adminstrative positions!)

  7. Pat: I’ve worked for some giants in the Electrical Industry, pre-eminent leaders whose very presence commanded respect. Many of them were great mentors and I felt honored to have worked for them. None of these inspirational men had connections to the 38th Ward Democratic Organization. The majority of men that I’ve met within my industry, that have connections to this organization, have been scoundrels of the highest order.

  8. I think that Carmen Hernandez would make a better Alderman than the KING GOON ALLEN, what does everybody think of that !!!!

  9. Thank Goodness for this website – with all this built up anger, if you couldn’t vent your anger here Pat, I think you just might explode.

    This sweeper driver cleans in my ward – and keeps the streets in his ward clean, that’s what he is paid for, and that is exactly what he does.

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