City of Chicago employees demand Americans with Disablities Act is enforced

Chicago Clout Orland Cobb.jpg October 30, 2009 was a long day in the studio for City of Chicago employees. The star of the show was Orland Cobb, a Union 726 Teamster and Saul Charak, a local 150 engineer. Many people need to realize, the City of Chicago Department of Water Management needs to ensure its American’s with Disabilities protocol is enforced. Many City of Chicago employees want to work in dignity with fair and reasonable accommodation. Saul also discussed his working environment when he was at the Water Department. Enjoy our video that was taped at the CAN-TV studio in Chicago. Pease find out more about your right to work when you get injured, click here Host of the show was Patrick McDonough pictured in the middle. Photo by Michael McGann and edited by Patrick McDonough

4 Replies to “City of Chicago employees demand Americans with Disablities Act is enforced”

  1. the gentleman on the right must be Arnold Colemans long lost twin brother, no offence intended to the gentleman on the right

  2. Are you kidding Pat??.Mr Cobb is not disabled, he is morbidly obese. His “disability” is he loves food more than his well-being.Also he’s the same guy that said the cab of the trucks were too small for him, last time I checked they only come in one size. You have much bigger fish to fry Pat.(no pun intended) (Response) Are you from the 11th Ward with the rude insults? Mr. Cobb is a nice guy and said nice things about the job. Some of you guys are not very understanding.

  3. I see you dye your hair just like Daley, your mentor. Pat, by the way, have you got your permit yet for next years gay pride parade. I hear your the grand marshal this year. Bring plenty of Viagra buddy cause I hear your buddies in boys town are really energetic. (Response) I was born with black hair! Really! I also have natural hair! No rug!

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