David Hoffman supporters at the American Bankers Association Protest

David Hoffman supporters at ABA protest.jpg October 27, 2009, Chicago, llinois. Today was a long day again to document the corruption by American Bankers against the American people in Chicago. I have said this day would come for years, people were spending money like tomorrow would never show up. Americans are getting scam fees and high interest on things they purchased. Some people did not care because they would take another loan, pay their credit card balances, and then start spending again. The proliferation of gambling and bad habits is coming to roost. The banking system is the check and balance to save us from ourselves. The banking system decided to cash in and allow people to have access to money they could not pay back. The bankers were bailed out, they are profiting again, and Americans are tossed out of their homes. There is a crisis in America, no jobs, no money, and no future. This is a major issue and many people are suffering. Many of the factory jobs are gone, they will not return. Americans like the easy money, the politicians are corrupt, and China might take over as the new world leader. Chicago is in the center of the upheaval because it is so corrupt; the cancer spreads to the entire nation. Obama will not put Mayor Daley in check, and we will have a thousand plagues. I am asking every single American to take a very serious second look before you cast a vote again, watch your polling stations, demand better Government. Mayor Daley is selling every asset he can get away with, stop this now. Government has a special purpose, to protect us from ourselves.
There are some politicians that might make a difference maybe wake us up and send us back in the direction we need. The Chicago Unions need to get back to basics and remember to protect the workers, to apply pressure strong and steady, enforce the rule of law. The judges that pay a dollar per signature are part of the problem. We need to take the politics out of the judicial system. Please enjoy these pictures of the protest in Chicago, the people are hungry and want answers, not temporary solutions. It is both parties responsible for making the bad decisions.
I was happy to see David Hoffman supporters at the rally; I wish David Hoffman could have put a word or two to the crowd. I am happy to see people like David Hoffman run for U.S. Senate, and step forward when the country needs to change direction. We have a complex TV show that might put you to sleep, but it will explain what happened to us in the last few years. America needs to realize we need elbow grease and dirty fingernails to fix our mess. Photos by Patrick McDonough. God bless all the people that care enough about our country to protest.

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  1. City inspector charged with receiving bribe
    Allegedly took payoff to overlook asbestos
    By Jeff Coen

    October 29, 2009

    About to accept a cash payoff for helping a business owner get out of a heavy fine for having asbestos in an apartment building, an inspector from the city’s Department of Environment allegedly made a pledge.

    “All your headaches are gone,” Michael Cease allegedly was recorded saying last month.

    Federal prosecutors said Cease, 39, was charged Wednesday in a complaint with taking bribes after an investigation by the FBI and Chicago’s Office of Inspector General. He was accused of pocketing $1,150 in September to help the business owner avoid a fine for asbestos.

    Authorities said a meeting between Cease and the cooperating business owner on Sept. 15 was secretly recorded, and Cease promised to make the situation go away for another bribe. Investigators were listening as cash was passed to Cease, and two FBI agents allegedly followed him to a bank where some of the money was deposited in his account.

    Cease was released on $20,000 bail Wednesday by U.S. Magistrate Judge Morton Denlow, authorities said. His attorney could not immediately be reached for comment.

    The case comes after the inspector general’s office suggested this week that Suzanne Malec-McKenna, Mayor Richard Daley’s environment commissioner, should face suspension for alleged hiring abuses.

  2. If these Democrats in your pictures would use their time more constructively to get real jobs then they wouldn’t have so much time to protest and complain. All of Obama’s followers are kept suppressed and given government stipends to keep them restless and upset so they will protest in fear of losing what the government hands them.

  3. get a life has all the answers. there is so many jobs out there. i cant believe someone would rather collect that big unemployment check than work. i’ve got an idea. lets all sign up for the military go to afganistan or iraq. because we all know that the money spent there is for a good cause.we don’t need to fix our infrastructure. or fix or economy.

  4. City’s minority-contracting numbers released
    October 30, 2009

    BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter
    The Daley administration on Friday put the best possible face on its continuing struggle to boost minority contracting to avert the annual controversy during City Council budget hearings.

    Despite a financial crisis that has reduced city spending, minority business enterprises (MBE) together received a 29 percent share of the $1.4 billion contracting pie through Sept. 30, officials said.

    But City Hall acknowledged that it awarded fewer contracts to companies owned by women, without specifying the drop-off.

    The Department of Procurement Services press release — distributed late Friday when bad news is traditionally buried — also cherry-picked a few facts to portray the city’s efforts in the best possible light.

    African-Americans got nine percent of all construction contracts, up from eight percent during the same period a year ago.

    Blacks also got 13 percent of federally-funded contracts earmarked for so-called “disadvantaged business enterprises” (DBE) up from three percent.

    Hispanics’ share of non-construction contracts rose from 11 percent to 13 percent. And the MBE share of non-construction contracts rose from 23-to-26 percent.

    Every year like clockwork, the Department of Procurement Services gets hammered during budget hearings by African-American aldermen furious about the black contracting numbers.

    No matter who the chief procurement officer is the numbers never seem to climb out of the single-digits.

    That’s apparently why the Daley administration chose to head aldermen off at the pass — by releasing the disappointing numbers late Friday and not telling the entire story.

    Nearly four months ago, Chief Procurement Officer Montel Gayles resigned, spinning the revolving door in a department that has struggled to boost black contracting and weed out minority fronts.

    Daley’s 2010 budget shifts policing of Chicago’s scandal-scarred minority business program from Procurement Services to an Office of Compliance that already has its hands full implementing a hiring system free of politics.

    Ald. Ed Smith (28th), former chairman of the City Council’s Black Caucus, blasted the Daley administration for putting out a partial report card, and attempting to bury the disappointing results.

    “They cannot hide it. We’re not gonna sit back and allow them to cherry-pick these numbers” to make it look better than it is, Smith said.

    “Every year, we get the same junk. These numbers are not getting any better. Our businesses are not reaping any more benefits than they have in the last 15 years.”

  5. Democrats in control of Chicago for 100 years. All these problems with corruption and Daley. Am I the only one who sees the picture? If you’re going to keep these people in power, stop complaining.

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