18 Replies to “Mayor Daley lost his Olympic Bid, Chicago lost the Olympic Bid”

  1. I called 311 and tried to leave the mayor a message, she asked what my message was i said “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

  2. It was great that Chicago had been considered. But with cityhall hiring freezes and Daley still not indicited for the felon he is, how could the city pitch the games? Cutbacks here and there and headlines about clout and whistleblowers do not paint a picture that even pathetic spin doctoring by Daley and white house daley thugs could alter. headlines go around the world and do not get buried. Even dismissed by clout whistleblower federal cases still get the word out. just wish that Fitzgerald will finally along with the FBI close in on Daley and his administration

  3. Ok Shortshanks, fly your ass back over here and forget about 2016 and deal with 2009 ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I don’t see why people are saying how good this would have been for the people of Chicago when the people would have not been able to go to the games, seeing as the tickets couse upwards of $1,600.

    Well, I guess the rich and well connected Chicagoans would have been able to see them games. The rest of use would have been watching the games on TV, no matter who won the big.

    I wonder how soon before them mayor cries broke and layoffs now even though he has that $450 million “rainy day” fund.

    He must have a HUGE umbrella…

  5. One word for you Mayor Hitler!!!

    Karma! Now you know how it feels to invest so much into something (like me putting up with years of lay-offs) just to get it kicked out from under you! Your an ass, you embarrass our city, and you are not wanted here anymore! Pack up your shit and move to MI already! I’m sure there is a whole crop of strangers you can screw over like you did here! Better yet, just DIE already! I just wish the cameras would have shown your fat, lying face when you first heard about Chicago’s rejection. That would have been the cherry on top of my cake of a day!

  6. a recent review of on line website that track traffic of other websites show that Chicagoclout.com averages 10 hits a day. Most of those 83% are repeat visitors. So I hightly doubt you had anything to do with the decision of the IOC. In fact these numbers go to show you have the same small group of people who look at you slanted view of the world, Chicago and youself importance and ego.

    I am also sorry you are supporting Hoffman for Senate which you record of backing of unsucessfull canidates who get soundly defeated on election day, you just killed his chances. ( Records see results of a certain suburb North of Chicago and their last local election. (Response) Did you ever review this post? Do you have spell check? I am posting this because you are really soft as poo.

  7. Fu(kin A Bro! Crooked bastard falls. And where is his crooked fu(king son hiding?????? YES!!!!!! Thank You GOD!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Maybe Daley can sit around and think about the state of teachers, parks, schools and other people besides his clan of goons stealing from the pension programs. I have been dealing with 11th ward insanity for the last ten years.

    What the world and especially Chicago needed was another FOLK SINGER. Thanks to youtube the IOC got to tap their feet to some good music with a real message.
    Youtube inturn reported back BOGUS hit numbers!

    I’m not holding my breath any longer for Daley to right his wrongs, infact I have a few more songs to sing! Me and the band are just getting started. Working on a few new titles now,
    or maybe Lil RICHIE”S LAST DANCE?

    IT FEEL TO HEAR THE WORD NO(Response) This is a deal before the election. 10 each. I need to look into this more soon. Thanks to the laborer in Central for the first heads up.

  10. I noticed Maggie arriving back at O’Hare with the Fuhrer. I’d like to know who paid for her round trip airfare to Denmark?

  11. Yippie…finally that asshole Daley is getting what he deserves. I was laid off in December after 19.5 years of putting up with all the bullshit! Now, asshole how does it feel to lose something you worked so hard to get…It’s called KARMA! Now, we will all start to hear about more BUDGET problems like the 2016 banners he CAN’T take down right away…why cause that would involve over time for city workers. If there is anything I can do for this website please contact me at the above email address.

    Congrats to the IOC you made the perfect choice!

  12. All plumbers are crooks, and just like all city workers. The union and pols are all in on it. Even Hoffman will be taking his share. Jimmy drick, who you turned in, is crooked.

  13. All plumbers are crooks, and just like all city workers. The union and pols are all in on it. Even Hoffman will be taking his share. Jimmy drick, who you turned in, is crooked.

    Posted by: Arther Digby Sellars | October 4, 2009 11:44 AM

    ok bitch, Pat can put you in contact with me, tell me I am a crook to my face, I am not a city worker but just a plumbing contractor make the call and be a man.
    (Response) I get this dude every once in a while. Likes to start stuff with no name or number. A silly, silly person.

  14. Daley will have his revenge for not getting the Olympics. Too bad it will fall on the city workers!

  15. I think I heard that Chicago spent around 100 million dollars in the promotion of Chicago for the Olympics…I wonder how long and how many man hours it will take to take all the stupid, lame-assed star Olympic logos and graphics off of all the CTA buses and EL train cars. Probably longer and more man hours than taking Blago’s name off of all the Tollway plazas! nod/ Illinois politics and Chicago politics make me sick.
    (Response) Goons, the word is starting to stick, they are goons. Keep up the good work!

  16. Pat, you watch Daley go on a Chicago listening tour. He will become enthused and concerned now so he don’t lose re-election. But the big tax revolt is coming. Property values fell 25% but the assessor on Daleys orders has found the few properties in all areas where an idiot overpayed and they are using those properties as comps to show values have risen. Hey Mayor Daley…..Fu(k You!
    (Response) You are not from Chicago, what gives?

  17. Born and raised in Chicago Pat. And I pray that either by Mike Quigely unseating the jagoff or through a massive stroke, we should be done with the crooked asshole within the next 1 to 3 years. To that we can all sing praise.

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