10 Replies to “Chicago Clout Video explores the Chicago Residency Issue and Challenge”

  1. mike your a good guy but take it like a man you got caught.every city worker knows you have to live in the city.say hi to richie for me.

  2. CHA-CHING..CHA-CHING…CHA-CHING… Ahhh Yes, the sounds of backpay coming soon to alot of cloutless people…. Thank you Richie!!!

    Hey Richie, if you let one live in the burbs, we should all be able to live in the burbs. At least thats what the judge will say….Stay tuned kids, major news flash coming soon…

  3. this is 100% true ……….if Sis Daley was still alive Mike would still be employed by the city

  4. Fight it Mike…. They like to pick and choose who they go after. Stick with Pat. You’ll be back to work in no time…

  5. They don’t know how to investigate these cases. One day it will end up in front of the supreme court due to them violating civil rights. Thats when Richie moves to Michigan. (or gets locked up before that. They couldn’t find there own shadow unless someone in Richie’s office told them where and when to look for it… Its easy to make up reports. Oh yeah, and none of them know how to use a camera or a video camera… go figure.

  6. If it goes to the Supreme Court or not. Every city employee should have to live within the boundaries of the City of Chicago. You want to take out tax paying dollars for your salary and you dont want to give back to the City of Chicago. Go find another job like the one that you have and tell me then how bad you have it.

    Cry on some other persons shoulder. Without the City of Chicago, most of you are unemployable.

    I dont work for the city, but live in the city and from my perspective you are all a bunch of rule breaking cry babies.

  7. Most of them were employed because they either paid for there job or knew someone to get the job. Name another city that has more indicted high ranking officials in it then chicago. Mr. Chicago Resident…. I’m glad you realize your tax money goes to pay for these unemployable loosers and your full of sh@t, when you say you don’t work for the city. As for giving back to the City….. How much has the City taken from us… Your F’in blind to not see all the back door deals that hit the news, not to mention the ones that don’t…. Get off your soap box

  8. Name another city that has corruption like Chicago? Until they start investigating other cities and municipalities like they do in Chicago we will always be on the top of the list.

    I dont work for the city and have never worked for the city. I do think that most of the city workers are unemployable loosers. What has the city taken from you that people in private industry have not given up themselves? I see back door deal on the news, but the way i look at it, those contracts have to go to someone and if the person that gets the contacts does the job then too bad. Do you know how many accounts i dont get in my business because the company that i am going after has a friend that does the same thing? Too many times to count, but i dont stop and cry like a “pu$$y”, I go out and try to find more contracts.

    I read this blog because i know a lot of city workers, who like yourself feel that they are the best employee the city ever hired and the city could not function without you. Guess what, I say get rid of the Shackman Decree and hire only patronage employees. They are the loyal ones and will do what you ask them to do. You call it Patronage, i call it Human Resources. I hire the people that are going to make me look good. I dont hire the guy who knows the most about his job and then bitches when he is not appreciated.

  9. Challenge it…… I want to see all the North Side liberals go into panic mode. There goes the neighborhood…… HaHa

  10. I agree…. Challenge it. The city can’t fight themselfs out of a wet paper bag. The North Side would go into panic mode so quick there heads would spin. God forbid they have a hispanic, or a black family move next to them moreless on the same block…. Oh no, we should form a block club quickly or have a townhall meeting with the alderman and make them stop….where can we run, lets go to the south side…. Oh my goodness there living there also…. What do we do, I thought the North Side was safe?

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