4 Replies to “Chicago Department of Water Management busted by CBS 2 News Again”

  1. i thought CBS was your friend. nothing like giving the mayor more of a reason to give the work to benchmark (Response) That deal is cut.

  2. John Spatz needs to know there is no shoring and the boss is with a conntected organization. Nothing will be done to this crew, they are protected by TT.

  3. Im gonna beat a dead horse here,, does T T still have water Dept errrrrrr Water Management plumbers do plumbing work at his and his families houses???

  4. the media and the women that called cbs have no clue what goes on at a pipe job.many utilities are in the street,hand digging,tunneling and many other factors fall into play here.i heard 4 of the men that were on the job site were from com ed and the gas company keeping tabs on there utilities while the water guys were doing there thing.maybe if the great thinkers with the city did not merge the dead beat sewer dept with there dead beat people the water dept would not have gotten the cancer it now has,water has good people that know there jobs but when you have 10 to 12 people in a crew because of the merge with the useless sewer dept that have people that don’t even know which end of a shovel to use. maybe cut the tie with sewer and have a water dept that can work the way it had in the past. (Response) They wrecked the department on purpose. Did you See the last batch of laborers?

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