Mayor Daley fails the Chicago Department of Water Management

Chicago Department of Water Management Logo.jpg Why did the City of Chicago leak a story to the Chicago Tribune implying the impending sale of the Department of Water Management? Why would the Mayor deny the sale? After many decades of the Daley run Chicago Water Department, the cracks are showing, the gross incompetence and lack of professionalism is taking the toll of the Water Department. I will tell you why I think the story is a scam. The Department of Water Management was run into the ground for years. The Department is loaded with political hacks and deadbeats. The Department is a source of contracts for the Daley friend and family program. No legitimate company could take over the liability of the water mains and the decrepit condition of the valves and fire hydrants. A private company would have a difficult time absorbing all the pending lawsuits. A private company could not shield itself and make special insider deals with unions. A private company would not allow double dipping and payroll fraud. The Department of Water Management is too high profile and too closely watched. I think the public would benefit by the ability to personally sue any employee of the water department breaking the law. On a different note, make sure you take notice if Michael Scott. I guess he somehow ended up with a gun, it is reported he killed himself. I thought it against the law to own a handgun in Chicago. I also noticed Mayor Daley took the death in a very cold and callous manner, he showed no signs of remorse. I guess when his friend “Mike” killed himself, it was no big deal. In Chicago, it might be called business as usual. Logo edited by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Will Daley Lease Chicago’s Water System?
    Aides to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley are denying reports that he’s thinking about leasing the city’s water system.

    The Chicago Tribune reports Daley has talked with consultants recently about new privatization deals.

    There are no estimates yet on how much money the city could make off leasing its water system.

    Atlanta tried in the late 1990s, but had to go back and regain control of the city’s water system because of service problems.

    Chicago’s water system pumps Lake Michigan water to seven million people in the city and suburbs.

  2. I am selling the water department just to get rid of your snooping ass. And leave my innocent sweet kid Patrick alone. He done nothing wrong I tell you. Nothing. Oh and Pat, be careful when you work cause sometimes scaffolding can brake loose and fall and I wouldn’t want 100 pounds of lumber falling on your head, got it?

  3. Peraica said ” PATRICK DALEY MOVED TO MOSCOW!” I am not kidding. He said that yesterday in response to Illinois taxes going so high that “I read in the paper that Patrick Daley even moved out of state and moved to Moscow” John Daley attacked him bitterly to shut up about what his nephew does. SO PATRICK DALEY MOVED TO MOSCOW! Is THIS to AVOID EXTRADITION? THESE CROOKS ARE GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER AND THE PRESS CONTINUES TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY AND JUST WIPE THEIR A$$ES! LIBERALS IN THE MEDIA! IT”S THE LIBERALS THAT ARE MOVING TERRORISTS TO ILLINOIS. I am moving out of Illinois. I just moved to EVANSTON TO ESCAPE THE CITY CAUSE I HATE THESE DIRTY BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After the Illinois election Quinn is going to jack up state taxes. Heres a little secret,….. I AM MOVING TO FLORIDA! FU(K THESE CROOKED MOTHER FU(KERS!!!!!! And I bet you 1/3 of the businesses are moving along with me!!!! Want to bet?

  4. Patrick Daley is in Moscow with NO EXTRADITION TREATY!
    Russia urges U.S. to sign bilateral extradition treaty
    12:14 PM (MSK) November 5, 2009

    Russia has reiterated its proposal to the United States to sign a bilateral extradition agreement, the Russian justice minister said.

    Although Moscow and Washington agreed in 2007 to draft an agreement on the extradition of crime suspects, further progress on the deal is still pending.

    “We have reiterated our earlier proposal to the U.S. on the bilateral extradition agreement. In our opinion, it is wrong that countries such as the United States and Russia do not have even a basic normative document on extradition,” Alexander Konovalov said after his recent visit to the U.S.

  5. The debate over rolling back Cook County’s controversial sales tax was nasty at times Tuesday, but at one point Tony Peraica, a west suburban Republican, grabbed the wheel and steered toward bizarreville.

    » Click to enlarge image Tony Peraica’s (right) comment about Patrick Daley drew the ire of Daley.

    Peraica, always the provocateur, suggested residents had fled the county after the 2008 sales tax hike, perhaps even one of the Daley clan.

    “I read in the paper the mayor’s son, Patrick, has moved to Moscow and is living out there,” Peraica said, drawing the ire of the mayor’s brother and Patrick Daley’s uncle, Commissioner John Daley.

    “You aren’t going to attack my nephew,” said Daley, his voice rising above the chatter and the rap of a gavel to restore order to the meeting.

    Peraica, who later apologized, was questioning Daley’s assertion that the sales tax had prompted people to move. Despite the flap, both men voted to roll back the sales tax by a half penny.

    “It was uncalled for, it’s inappropriate,” Daley said of Peraica. “My nephew Pat . . . has nothing to do with the business of county government, nothing to do with this issue,” he said, adding: “But I’m moving on now.”

    John Daley would only say his nephew is ”taking some time” after serving in the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division stationed in Afghanistan. He returned home a year ago. Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed has reported that the younger Daley is a frequent visitor to Moscow, speaks Russian and is reportedly trying to build a career there.

  6. Video: Mayor Daley Q&A with Tera Williams
    Updated: Wednesday, 18 Nov 2009, 9:24 PM CST
    Published : Wednesday, 18 Nov 2009, 4:35 PM CST

    FOX Chicago News

    Chicago – FOX Chicago News reporter Tera Williams questioned Mayor Richard Daley Wednesday about the death of schools chief Michael Scott.

    At the tail end of a press conference on the city council budget, Williams sought to follow up on how sources were saying Scott’s death would impact Daley’s political career.

    Daley said Williams’ questions were “an insult” to him and he reprimanded Williams from the podium .

    Earlier Wednesday Chicago clergymen told Williams that they believe Scott was murdered. At least two people also said that Scott’s death will have a “tremendous” impact on Daley’s career.

    “[The impact will be] tremendous, because it was an inner circle and [Scott] was the guy that the mayor went to and the guy that the mayor trusted,” said Rev. C. E. Robinson, pastor of Holy Starlight Missionary Baptist Church.

    Kublai Torre, a friend of Scott’s, agreed.

    Scott’s death will impact him “tremendously, Torre said, “because see this mayor, he feared the black man and he [doesn’t have a] strong relationship with the black man… If you look at his record there’s a dismal record as far as black men getting jobs and being treated fairly in this city. Someone like Mike could relate to us out here on the street and kept a lot of racial tension down.”

    Williams followed up with Daley about the two men’s statements.

    Here’s how her interaction with Daley played out:

    TW: “Mayor Daley, we’re just coming from the West Side where clergy members were meeting about Michael Scott and they say he was murdered.”

    RD: “We’ll see again –they have to fully investigate this… she has claim to fame you know her [medical examiner’s] name… that’s why the Chicago police have to do a thorough investigation… they have a responsibility to society… about financial problems…”

    TW: “Some of his [Scott’s] friends are also saying that this is going to have a tremendous impact on your career politically. What’s your response to that — how do you interpret that?”

    RD: “What? Death? It’s a personal thing. This has nothing to do with my public career. That’s an insult to me. What do you mean someone died? My son died — that’s an insult to me. Because someone that you love dies that changes your public career? Think a minute for the sake of people dying. That’s an insult… What a silly question to ever even ask. If your mother died, does that change your life? What’s wrong with you people? Don’t you have any respect for people anymore? I know you want to make a lot of money, you want to be on TV, you want to ask me a lot of questions… but do you have any respect for anyone? I guess you don’t. It’s kind of a sad comment… You owe me an apology on that.”

    TW: “I’m asking your response to what they said.”

    RD: “Well that’s a silly question and it’s a dumb question as well.”

    TW: “I’m just asking for your reaction to what they just told me today.

    RD: “Who said that at your station they asked you to do that?”

    TW: “No, this is what they just said to me at this meeting with the clergy members. They said this will have a tremendous impact…”

    RD: “What? You mean a death of somebody has? No… you shouldn’t ask that… Give me his name.

    TW: “Sure, I have it right here.”

    RD: “And he asked you to do that? Did he ask you to jump off a bridge tomorrow??”

    [Daley begins walking out of the room.]

    RD to TW: “You have no, no feeling about people. I feel sorry for you.”

    TW: “That’s not true at all. I was just asking for your reaction to what they said.”

  7. City worker pleads guilty to accepting bribe
    November 19, 2009 12:04 PM | No Comments A clerk in the city’s Department of Construction and Permits pleaded guilty today to accepting a bribe.

    Louis Burns was among the city employees charged in the federal probe code-named Operation Crooked Code. He acknowledged taking a $250 cash payment in 2007 from an “expediter” who was secretly working for the government, according to the U.S. attorney’s office in Chicago.

    Burns, 54, is scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 28. In exchange for his guilty plea, the government agreed to recommend a sentence of 15 to 21 months in prison.

    Authorities said Burns pocked the payoff to get a permit for a mixed-use building in the 1300 block of North Milwaukee Avenue approved faster.

  8. louis burns was set up by a woman that was going to jail.what he did was not right,but from what i heard this lady was no good from the get many alderman were given money from this woman?will that story come out.i dont think so.louis dose not deserve 15 to 21 months for taking 250 dollars.drug dealers do not get that must time.something is wrong here.again i am not saying louis did not break the law he did,but i think the lose of his job is quite enough of a punishment

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