4 Replies to “Did David Hoffman hint to the Chicago Inspector General of the past?”

  1. Daley has been about to get indicted now for 15 years. WTF! His kid and nephew just hired lawyers, and his kid fled to Russia (where he is building a nice Gay Pride Float). Daley and his ten thousand scandels, Educap, etc, etc, etc! I feel like Yule Brenner in “the King And I”. Etc, etc, etc! Old age, a stroke, or a heart attack will get Daley before the feds do. Things always heat up and then you hear nothing about it anymore. WTF can David Hoffman do to get Daley indicted? I am sick of this sh it . Nothing is happening. Dream on…..dream until your dreams come true…..NOT! But what has about the best chance of getting Daley is the Republican/Independent sunami that will hopefully disgrace him and get him thrown out of office. Obama turned out to think he could be as arrogant as Daley, then Massachusetts voters handed him his ego with it’s nuts neutered on a silver platter. Obama the national joke. And it will get worse everyday he is in office. He is Jimmy Carter times 100! And I am Len O’Conner………..

  2. Boy WTF you must be an old guy to remember Len O’Connor aka Mr. Monotone. IF I remember right, he was part of the Flynn, Daley, Frank, and Coleman news team on channel 7 when the used to report EVERYTHING, not just the fluff.

  3. w t f should realize that Daley is more of republican than a democrat. Remember how he fawned all over Bush when dubya came to town for his birthday. 1 year does not make an administration. Be careful what you wish for. Your tsunami supreme court just sold the country to the highest bidder. Republicans are the privatization kings. (Response) Please do not try to advertise your bookie site here. If you want to bet on a college game go to 4900 west sunnyside. A book works for the city.

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