Dorothy Brown gets a low blow near end of Cook County Board President Race

Toni Preckwinkle on Chicago Clout. Dirty tricks and last minute bombs are dropped in the democratic primary for Cook County Board President. Dorothy Brown got socked in the face with allegations of pocketing “Jean Day money”. This story has roots from disgruntled ex-campaign political operatives that jumped ship from the Brown Campaign to the Preckwinkle Campaign. I do not think any government office should have any cash floating around. I do not like the fact anyone collects cash with-out a proper receipt. But if the Preckwinkle political operatives are making hay because Dorothy Brown will not carry them on the payroll, we got problems all the way around. I called the Preckwinkle camp to get a straight answer today, they are not sure who is who in the string pulling department. One would expect the men to get as dirty as these two ladies. Terrence O’Brien seems to stay on track, rock solid and Todd is not getting much traction at all. I wish all the candidates the best; I hope they know they are walking into a very difficult office. I will give you more info if you are interested. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. michael sullivan wrote:
    There are two high ranking female attorneys in the Office of Compliance who manipulated sexual harrassment cases and vilence in the workplace cases at the whim of the political bosses while they were at the Department of Human Resources. Now they are screwing up, breaking the law at their new positions.
    The IG’s office is just as bad. There is a supervisor od investigators, Jim Taggart, who tips off the 11th Ward and 19th ward pols when employees report corruption. Then Taggart then helps retaliate against the whistleblowers.
    1/23/2010 5:10 PM CST on

  2. no, patty, we’re not interested in your giving us more.

    at least not until you’ve finished your prescriptions up.

    and decided to stop sucking up to terry’s a$$.

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