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  1. Carmen, as a caulker you had a chinaman to get that position, I bet that chinaman is no longer around or maybe it was the HDO, I do not know,I also would bet that when you became a caulker that your chinaman/organazation helped you get it and that there was someone else just as or maybe more deserving that spot than you and they were bypassed because they either had no chinaman or their guy was not as powerful as your guy/organazation, believe me I know, when my guy died every organazation and political group came after me to join and when I refused, I was f@#$%&ked with til I quit, I won in the end because I am now very happy and the Water Dept will never ever go back to the way it was when I was there

  2. Chuck your right, and I agree with you, but we both know that’s the way it the system was working back then.Was it fair? I don’t know, but look at some of the new people that the city has put on,some can’t even lift a jack hammer,the first thing that they talk about is getting on is DD.I like to thing that I am a good employee! I come to work on time and I have never had an SN OR AN.You can ask anybody that I have worked with, and I’m sure that they will tell you that I’m a hard worker.I was caught in a cave-in back in 96,I had three broken ribs my left arm was pushed through the scocket and broke my scapula,my neck was cracked
    and I got double hernia, I had two surgeries,and I was off work for all of eight months.I’m sorry that you feel that way,but we both know how it works. Well that’s all I have for now, take care Chuck,and thank you for your comment.

  3. Carmen I have no ill will towards you,I have a nephew with 5 tour in the sandbox in his pocket so you know how I respect you, however I see the view from both sides of the street I am just being the devils advocate

  4. When I started in 1981 if your so called chinaman got you a job or promotion you had better know what you were doing and didn’t embarrass him. Now, nobody knows how to do anything and trying to run from the work. You have more caulkers and plumbers investigating than doing the work. There is a few good men leaving in June and the you know what is going to hit the fan. God help this place.

  5. I remember when I first started we one investigating truck and one locator, everbody else was on a leak gang or doing pipe,I think we got alot more work done,now during the day shift we have two investigating trucks one locator and one advance complaint truck,that’s bullshit, why do we need an advance complaint truck.I think that a lot of pople think it is below them to work in the ditch,where is the pride in our work,we are union workers we should be the best.Your right I got help getting the job,and when I got the caulker’s job the first thing I did was sign up for school,I put in almost 500 hours at the 130 local.I was a carpenter before I came on with the city,I think that for the most part the city has some of the best workers there are, it is the leadership that is letting us down,you guys are the best class of people I have ever worked with.Thank you.

  6. Jack Zylstra is a class act, never said a bad thing about or too anybody, he was the first guy I worked with when I started and taught me how to fly in a roundway. hello Jack

  7. Hello, I been here reading all of these posts, chuck is a regualr guy on here. Is Chuck the “devils advocate?” Well Chuck you got any suggestion on how to fix things here or anywhere else? Just a little about me, when I came to the water dept. I was minding my own business, (truck driver) when someone keeps f**king with me, you got a guy that likes to make threats, (this guy never even met me before and he starts his crap on me) Tells me he is a “made man” I said good for you. next thing I know he is running to the bigger boss and tell him a whole bunch of lies, almost gets me a few days off- suspension- So what would anyone else do if this happened to you, “take it like a man” or fight back? the city made me this way now!! I used to think “this guy has problems” and “that guy needs help” amd all that stuff like that. Now I fight back, legally. I am a nice guy until you try to screw me, then I fight back and screw you right back- legally, I know the rules now, you got some people at the water dept. that say they got connections, well good for you !! you might need them because I think they don’t know what their job is, they think they could just sit there and do nothing, go to lunch for hours, get there friends to do a long lunch, some of there people go do personnal errands, But you know what I hope they get caught by the IG, because we are here to do our jobs, I believe in doing your job, not scamming your job. I shake my head at these scammers, because if they had to do their job on the outside, I think the employer would ask these people that do not do their jobs would be told to go to lunch and don’t come back to work tommorrow or any other day. I truly beleive this.
    I might have a bad reputation as a Whistle blower, but I can sleep at night, one guy said he wants to throw a “firebomb” at my house at 2 or 3 in the morning, he should be in jail for saying that, but of course he has clout? but what if that clout turns thier back on him? And he goes to jail? what would you do if you were me? shut up or speak out and be a whistle blower? Hey Carmen great job on the show!!!I am usually a behind the scenes kind of guy for the CanTV – chicago clout show, But thanks to Patrick for me to be in front of the cameras this time, behind the cameras is also fun too. In the studio is where the MAGIC starts also, you get to see all the different personalities all at once, how to put on a TV show, angle the lights, set up the stage, set the cameras up, microphones. I would encourage anyone to give the “producer job” a try, you got to go to school for being a “producer”.

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