Chicago Police scam 7-11 to makes end meet. Steal Coffee and snacks.

Chicago Cops Free Coffee 1.jpg I am a great fan of the Chicago Police Department. Most cops are fine neighbors and upstanding Amigos. Many of the cops Daley promoted are pretty lousy and do not provide good leadership. The Daley family expects the public to pick up their tab everywhere they eat and drink. People brought up in the 11TH Ward and Chicago’s Bridgeport communities were brought up that way. Most of the cops I know pay for everything out of their own pocket. This store is in the 400 block of South Green Street. Regular customers like you and I have to make up the difference in the cost of the free coffee and snacks these cops scam. I always see a large group of Chicago Cops and detectives stealing coffee there. I put my life on the line every day at work, but I do not take free coffee and snacks. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. Hay sup dog!
    Your right pat there are some greedy cops out there, but most of them are the the good guys.That’s why it’s good to lead by example.I was readinding about all the shootings this week,when will these people understand that we in the PRC (PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHICAGO) have the strongest handgun ban in the country!Maybe we should give the group CEASE FIRE more of our tax money to get the word out in the hood that the Mayor and the Aldermen said no guns in the city!
    If it were up to me I would spend all those millions of tax dollars on ammo and guns for the police, why should they be out gunned by the bad guys.The city should get them the best money can buy! like mp-9’s and m-4’s, give them something that will make their job safer,and who the hell took the shotguns out of the squad cars,they should not have to buy there own body armor or weapons.If the city can give a bunch of gang bangers, like cease fire money to keep the peace,ya thats really working right,they arm our cops better!

  2. Hey Carmen, I understand why you want the Cops to be heavier armed then the crimimals, I agree with you !! but when you say most Cops are good, I DISAGREE WITH YOU !! I was doing some side work, this Cop pulls me over, tells me to put my hands where he can see them, tells me to get out of my vehicle, as I am getting out of my pickup truck, he grabs me by my coat, throws me against my truck, tells me to put my hands on my fender of my truck and spread my legs as he frisk’s me, of course he is talking trash to me ( I think he wanted me to say something back to this P of Sh*T, but I held cool) then he reach’s into my pocket to get my drivers license out, see my city Id with my license, then he says why didn’t you tell me you were a city employee !!! so then this officer does a about-face, tells me he is sorry for this treatment. I say is this how you treat honest citizens? what if I was not a city employee, would you arrest me for some BS charges? then all of a sudden, he turns and say have a great day and leaves, I call for the Sgt. to come to the scene, the Sgt does and I make my point known of what just happened. the Sgt. says that the officer is very aggresive out in the field, that the officer has many arrest’s in the field within the past year. I say hell yeah he probaly does have many arrest, do you want to know why he does Sgt. because the officer starts these incidents out in the field. I have filled a complaint with the OPS Office, but everyone knows what is going to happen to my report. So Carmen I think about 88% of the officers are corrupt, Carmen this is not the first time I had to call the cops to do their job, anothe incident was when I was with the investagating crew and this guy was beating this woman, the cops came and talked to the guy for beating the woman, the cops let the guy go !!! I asked the cops why did you let this guy go? the officer told me it was his wife, I said thats more the reason to arrest this guy, I told him did you ever hear of domestic violence? So the officer left. I my opinion I think the police are for the police about 88% and slowly climbing up top to the 100% mark. I do not dislike officers, I wish they would do their jobs and do it correctly. Do you agree with that Carmen.

  3. Bruce i am not saying that none of this happened to you, but how come its always you??? maybe you should ask yourself or maybe some impartial person, “do I have something about me that causes people to start trouble with me??” again I’m just say-in

  4. I never really felt like there was anything wrong with accepting a coffee from a large chain such as 7-11. As for your comment about you paying for these free coffees, I have to disagree with you. The price of a cup of coffee at this 7-11 is no more or less than any 7-11 not offering coffee to first responders or cops. I have seen businesses and people give electric company repair men, mailman and other service field employees free drinks and sandwiches in the past and it never bothered me. I think the problem is the large sign posted so everybody can see it. When a large “advertisement” is posted such as that it does make the paying customer feel cheated.

    Personally I say, keep your free cup of coffee and give it to somebody who really needs it… I rather pay for it myself than feel obligated that I got a free cup of java.

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