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  1. Maggie Daley looks very haggard but she is being treated by Mayor Daley like she will be #$%^ soon. The whole first lady of Chicago stuff is crap because she profited greatly working for Patrick Ryan. Maggie Daley got paid for all her deeds. She is getting payback for all of Richard Daley’s misdeeds. Richard must know Maggie will be #$%^ soon the way she is being treated. I wonder if Mara Georges is in the wings? (Response) I got a complaint that passed through our edit process. On any website this will happen from time to time. I do not the Daley clan anymore than most of my reader, but lets not go as far as this commenter did. Sorry to those that were offended, but those in high places will suffer no differnet than the average joe.

  2. Pat,

    I know you don’t like the Mayor and that is fine, but to let a post like this is wrong. The coward that wrote the comment should put his name on it. You have my correct email address and if this coward wants to make a statement like that to my face, i will be happy to correct his ignorance. (Response) Thanks for your comments. Which do you refer to? I might have misses a rude comment.

    You should delete his post and apologize to the Mayor’s wife for allowing this ignorant post to be on your blog.

    As much as I don’t agree with you on 95% of your issues, I know that you are not an ignorant person. You appear to be a good enough person with good intentions and always say great things about your family, which makes you a family man. You wouldn’t let your children make a statement like this? So be the better person and take this jerks post down and stick to the topics that have substance.

  3. Pat, you know which comments. Read the original post by “Maggie Daley Tulips”. You edited out some of the words, but the meaning is still there.

    Anyone that has watched a family member suffer from cancer should be offended by you and this coward that will not put his name to his words.

    To say or imply that someone is sick because of their spouses political actions and is wrong.

  4. Hey Jack, you think that Magee Daley is not dirty? ask around pal, its her fault that Meigs was torn up in the middle of the night, as well as its her dumb fucking idea for those planters in the middle of the streets, she is unnecesarily on numerous boards because of who her husband is and so what she is sick, she does not deserve any special “OH SHES SO GREAT” treatment because of her last name, and no I am not the original poster and I do hope that Dick Daley developes a very painful anal cancer and he dies a slow painful death and the same goes for Patrick. (Response) I have an idea who this poster is and he is a very nice person. The whole Daley sales job on Maggie is backfiring. Some will admit, some will not. I think we should lighten up some.

  5. For once I agree with Jack Byrnes. This visceral and hateful comment about Mrs. Daley should be removed.

    My family members have suffered from catastrophic illnesses and no matter her prestige or position, Mrs. Daley is suffering terribly from the ravages of this disease. It pains me to contemplate what she has endured for the past eight years since her diagnosis.

    The Sun-Times reported today that Mrs. Daley’s cancer has spread. I feel very sad for the lovely lady I recall meeting back in 1983.

    My hopes for Mrs. Daley are that she finds comfort and grace surrounded by her faith, family and friends for the challenges that lie ahead.

    And as we Irish say, May God hold her in the palm of His hand.

  6. Chuck, it show how ignorant (as stupid) you are that you would wish someone death or sickness just to make yourself feel better.

    I agree Pat that everyone should lighten up, but you diminish your perspective on political commentary when you allow morons like Chuck to express his ignorance (as stupidity)on your site. Raise the bar and keep these moronic posts off your site.

    You want to bitch about the airport, planter boxes, city contract, etc; then do that, but your personal rudeness only makes you sound like a person that once had clout and now you don’t.

  7. Hey JACK you’re a little OFF there buddy, where did I wish for her death??? hmmmm??? I did however say that she does not deserve the poor Maggie treatment because of who her husband is, FYI my mom died of cancer so I know from experience, I do hope that Dick, Patrick and cousin Vanecko develop ass cancer and die painful deaths

  8. Chuck,

    If you could read, you would see, “wish someone death or sickness”.

    Put your last name up Chuck, so we could complete the idiot puzzle.

    It is so easy to hide behind the blog with only a 1st name. Let us all know who you are. Coward. (Response) Both of you guys are alright. You both are clever with the words. I did not want to remove the post because I get some silly ones every now and than. I think we can move on, if not have at it.

  9. Although some might question whether lawmakers earned their salaries when it comes to solving the state’s horrible budget situation this year, you wouldn’t know that if you reviewed some of the legislation they dealt with last week.

    In a bill giving Gov. Pat Quinn emergency budget powers, lawmakers and top state officials are directed to take 12 furlough days per year.

    But, the formula lawmakers suggested for calculating how much money should be deducted from their paychecks is, no surprise, more beneficial to them.

    Here’s how they sought to make their furloughs a little less financially painful:

    The General Assembly calculated their 12 days of lost salary on the basis that they work 365 days per year. No vacation. No weekends off.

    For the other top state officials, including the governor and his agency heads, the number is calculated on a more traditional five-day workweek.

    The net effect is that less money will come out of the pockets of lawmakers. For a member of the legislature who makes a base salary of about $70,000, the furloughs will cost them nearly $2,300 in salary. A similarly paid agency head will have to give up more than $3,200.

    And they wonder why people are cynical about politicians.

  10. My name is Charles Dryden easily found far from being a coward pal, now you dont be a coward and come at me from behind make it face to face

  11. its sad when a mom dies, no matter who it is. CHUCK let us know 2 things.[1] your last name. [2] if your mom died of @$# cancer.

  12. Now Chuck not only are you ignorant, but violent. Maybe you should read one of those self help books or take advantage of the free counseling that the city offers (that i pay for).

    Anger Management Chuckie

  13. Again JACK you are a bit OFF, you called me out, I answered, as you can see not only can I read but I can also understand what people write,you stated I am a coward, I proved I am not, and yes I had clout when I worked for the city as a matter of fact I still do but, I chose to leave and I did so on my own free will, I am successful at what I do and do not need any clout in order to do it either, you on the other hand obviously need any clout that you have, as you continue to suck up to them by defending their wrong doing.

  14. Man this is getting ugly I for one is not a fan of Daley but come on his sick wife should be off limit this is crazy. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing more I would love to see more than have anew mayor next year but to wish he gets cancer or his son I always felt to wish that on someone can backfire and come to you

  15. WTF???? Thought you had more class than this Pat. Besides the B.S. about Maggie D., why would you allow someones Grandmother/Mother (A Senior Citizen) picture on YOUR site, with the obvious reasoning of letting critizing as a joke or not of someone that I doubt did anything hurtfull to anyone reading this (Joke or Not). This woman shouldn’t be the subject of a joke or critized in the way this has gone. Wake up or grow up will ya. WTF???

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