Send the Chicago Union Honkies home, Daley hires Hispanics only.

Dangerous Chicago Contractors Most people know the fastest way to save lots of money in construction is to avoid safety rules. These actions backfire when someone gets injured or killed. I have talked about the complete and total reckless disaster at the Milwaukee Avenue, Cicero Avenue, and, Irving Park construction area. Mayor Daley packed this project with minority companies that are not working fast enough. Day after day, week after week, year after year, this project continues. It looks as though Daley is using taxpayer’s money to train Hispanic workers that speak very little or no English. As Americans starve, Hispanics are working all over Chicago in publicly funded projects. It gets worse every year. What a scam. I hope these companies pony up for Mayor Daley’s re-election. This is the new version of Hired Truck Scandal. I never see women or blacks on these sites. I never see gay workers. What a joke. Mayor Daley is heading to China to sell some more assets. It is all a joke. Other countries stopped coming to Chicago due to corruption and mis-management. This company has gradall equipment rolling into the lanes with no flaggers or barricades. I called Chicago emergency 311 and nothing was done for the public yesterday of today. If you are white and out of work, do not go to this jobsite, honky. Photo by Patrick McDonough. (Funny Story) A City of Chicago Department of Water Management boss that had a best friend fired so she could get a promotion, called in to one of the districts to announce he/she was heading in. Trick learned from Daley?

3 Replies to “Send the Chicago Union Honkies home, Daley hires Hispanics only.”

  1. Oh f@$#!!!!!!
    These look like the r-tards who were tearing up sidewalks in Ukranian Villiage at 8 am. I called 311 and they told me the noise ordinance, which states no loud machinery untill 9am doesn’t apply emergency construction. I told them that they were merely replacing sidewalks and was told that they must be city workers if working in the public way and were exempt. Is that even true?
    I doubt they were city workers.
    I knew I should have tried to card them, but I don’t even know what cards they should have.
    (Response) Take a picture and we will post on Chicago Clout

  2. Oh and for the record, for all you mexican haters out there.
    I would take a gangbanging pot smoking SOLID mexican UNION member over any one of these sell-out “got my job from daddy” scared shitless of the boss, white boys any day of the week. (Response) Sorry your candy ass ain’t running for Mayor, ya need money, pimp ain’s runnin, fool. Back to square one for you!

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