Jay Stone "The Peoples Choice for Mayor of Chicago"

Jay Stone on Chicago Clout This morning was very nice when I met Jay Stone in the 48th Ward of Chicago’s North side. Jay Stone was part of the Shakman Settlement and understood the importance and significance of the ruling. Ben Joravsky one of Chicago’s best Journalist, has written about Jay and his political predictions. Jay has an amazing understanding of Chicago politics. I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree. Jay Stone’s website is http://stoneformayor.com or you can call him at 773.469.2526 I really like this picture of Jay and took some artistic liberty with it. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Pat. You know the crooked mayor will tear apart his nominating petitions. He needs 25,000 good signatures. can he get 90,000 signatures? Tell me yes!!!!!!!! (Response) I was told a couple of hours ago Daley is not going to run again. Patrick McDonough.

  2. Barrack Obama to Run for Mayor

    President Obama announced today that he will run for mayor of Chicago. The president said, “I prefer to serve as mayor of Chicago for life than the United States president for four years. I’m tired of having political opposition who fights me on every issue. A rubber stamp legislative branch like Chicago’s city council is more suitable to my political style.”

    Obama likes his chances against the 15 other candidates he plans to run against. “I’ll win this race if Bobby Rush stays out” The president was alluding to his 2 to 1 congressional loss to Congressman Rush in 2000. When asked about running against his current chief of staff, the president said, “Chicago voters will accept almost anybody but Rahm. He is too crude and obnoxious even for the most hardened Chicago residents.”

    When Obama first sought to become president, he secured Mayor Daley’s blessings. The president has yet to confirm whether or not Daley is endorsing him. It is rumored that the president won’t run for mayor unless he has Daley’s blessings.

    Mayoral candidate Jay Stone said Obama is a political boss like his mentor Daley. Stone added, “We need political democracy, not another political boss. Voters will know on November 22 which candidates have the courage to challenge Obama for mayor.

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