The Brand New Minority Work from Daley's Private Contractors

Broken Lights Montrose and Milaukee Avenue I was harping about the work at Milwaukee Avenue and Montrose for a long time. It was some of the worst work I have ever seen. Mayor Daley will leave office and we will pay for work done just a few months ago. Who is going to pay for the massive repair work just completed? Is this under warranty? Are Chicago City Streets and Sanitation guys going to re-repair this lousy work? This light almost killed a guy walking by today. We saw it drop under a very light wind. Photo by Patrick McDonough

One Reply to “The Brand New Minority Work from Daley's Private Contractors”

  1. Hummm – I’m checking out your pic and post – your comment about the brand new minority work (relating to the lousy job done) has me a little amused. I can go anywhere in the city and find lousy city work north, south, east and west sides of Chicago and I would bet that the majority of the work work was not done by minorities (i.e., sidewalks, streets, light poles, lights, etc.). Therefore, it is not fair to point out a job done by a minority contractor – so you say – and not point out the fact that it was just a job done badly like many other jobs. I came to this site thinking I would get the political fix I needed for the evening but I see it is just the same business as usual here – therefore I will try another site. Thanks (Response) (Please don’t go)

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