The Drama at the Rahm Emanuel Hearing Continues with Lawyers acting suspicious

Patrick McDonough, one of the objectors at the Rahm Emanuel Hearing, continued to keep a close eye on the proceedings. Last night, all were tired and sometimes that is when some funny business can happen. Mr. McDonough asked the Hearing Officer Mr. Morris to keep a close eye on the activities of some of the attorneys. When Mr. Emanuel's witnesses were on examination and cross-examination, the witnesses would continue to look at Rahm's Attorneys. One of the Attorneys would grunt, cover his mouth, and have an assortment of movements that was followed up by an immediate, I do not recall. This was put on the record and a much closer watch was put on the Attorneys. No one Attorney was accused, but it is very important for all lawyers to act in a proper manner. The witnesses for Rahm went to the lawyers offices for preparation and were informed of the issues. One dude was bragging about the $125,000.00 to 150,000.00 he gave to Rahm's Mayoral Run. He was not sure just how much. He continued to make a wild assortment of faces, yawning, smiling, and boredom. I watched him laugh with Rahm's lawyers, like he "hit the ball out of the park". He returned later at the end of the hearing to listen to the Lawyers tell him again what a great job he did. Sometimes in life, you are the last to know.

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  1. Pat,

    Congradulations…You and the rest of non professionals only weaken an already weak case against Rahm. if you want him to loose you should endorse him as none of your canidates ever win. You just have a deep seeded need to stay in limelight

    I am surprised Harry did not challange your petitions based on the same you did to Rahm. That is given where your boat us stored(look at Google Earth photos) and who pays property taxes on a property up north. I guess he figures you not worth the time. (Response)(RJJ) My brother, are you keepin it 4 real?

  2. Posted by Kristen Mack at 5:21 a.m.

    Chicago election commissioners this morning will consider whether Rahm Emanuel meets city residency requirements just hours after a hearing officer recommended that the high-profile candidate be allowed to remain on the Feb. 22 mayoral ballot.

    Joseph Morris’ 69-page recommendation was issued at nearly 2 a.m., with the board scheduled to meet at 9 a.m.

    “It has not been established that the candidate, a resident of Chicago, abandoned his status as such a resident,” Morris wrote of Emanuel’s time as President Barack Obama’s White House chief of staff. “In any event, his absence from Illinois during that time in question is excused, for purposes of the safeguarding and retention of his status as a resident and elector, by express operation of Illinois law.”

    You can read the report by clicking here: Download Morrisrecommendation.

    The three-member elections board doesn’t have to abide by Morris’ recommendation, but can consider it along with testimony from last week’s hearing and legal arguments made by lawyers from both sides.

    No matter how the board votes, election commisioners are not expected to have the final say. The losing side has a week to appeal the board’s decision to the Cook County Circuit Court. The case could wind its way through the court system, including the Illinois Court of Appeals and the Illinois Supreme Court, for weeks.

    Morris’ recommendation came after a hearing last week that stretched out for several days and featured a colorful cast of characters arguing that Emanuel does not belong on the ballot because he does not meet the requirement of living in the city for at least a year before the election. Emanuel’s attorneys aruged that Emanuel always intended to return home to Chicago while serving as White House chief of staff and did not sell his North Side home.

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    Merry x-mass Pat and for the new years SHUTUP on this subject and lets move on to more important issues like your 48th ward residency and what you can do for us the 48th better then Harry O. (Response) Do have any suggestions?

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