Patrick McDonough invites all 48TH Ward Candidates to Debate with WBEZ host

I offered Odette Yousef of WBEZ Radio to host the "48Th Ward Candidate's Debate". I also offered to pay for the entire event including all room fees, DJ fees, and serve food from many of our 48Th Ward restaurants to promote our many fine establishments. I also offered to provide live video coverage and video streaming. I offered to provide any non-alcoholic drinks. I am also offering free photography. Every candidate would be invited and treated in a dignified manner. The same kind of evasive tactics Rahm Emanuel is using is not fair to the taxpayers. Many of the 48Th Ward residents are upset that only two candidates, Patrick McDonough and Philip Bernstein want to talk about issues. We also welcome all community organizations. Let's get involved on my dime! (Second thought let's ask Mr. Bernstein to supply some classy wine) Thank you Patrick McDonough.

Still no debates in the 48Th Ward, does crybaby Osterman need to ask permission?

Harry Osterman Chicago's 48th Ward HIDING.jpg Many folks in the 48Th Ward want to know why Harry Osterman is scared to debate Patrick McDonough and Philip Bernstein. The Chicago Democratic Party is none the better thanks to Carol Ronen and the insiders that do not want to talk about issues. This is par for the couse in the 48th ward playbook. Man up Harry Osterman and talk about issues. I invited the sneeky boyz at the Edge Water Community Buzz to moderate. Lets see what they do. Did you see all the police on Broadway busting everyone last night? What a change of pace in the 48Th Ward.

Carol Ronen 48Th Democratic Committeeman invites Patrick McDonough

The 48th Ward Democratic Party will be meeting on February 5th at 2 p.m. at Margate Park Field House for the purpose of making an endorsement in the race for Alderman.
Patrick McDonough is running as an independent. I am not one to pass up a beautiful woman's invitation, and I do not intend to change! I will not attend the event, thanks for the invite.

Note to: Chicago Office of the Inspector General on Chicago Residency Law

Dear Mr. Inspector General, during your residency investigations, please make darn sure you know the employee's intent before you accuse a person of not being a resident of the City of Chicago. The alleged residency violations your office made were based on a lack of physical presence at a Chicago residence. Simply put, if your investigators did not see the employee on the days you said investigators were present, that employee was suggested for termination. I hope you understand, when you make these accusations, you financially destroy a person's life. Many employees just retired or quit rather than face the uphill fight. I know the 'intent" will be hard to prove, but when laws are changed for the privilege and clouted, some unintended consequences might occur. It is time to get a lawyer to challenge the residency laws in Chicago. Enough lives have been destroyed by this unmoral law. The workers need to "unite in flight". Patrick McDonough (to ex-governor Thompson on the Roe Cohn show today, shut the f-up. Worry about Ryan dumb azz)

Rahm shows the world the Chicago two tier justice system

Why the Rahm Emanuel verdict shows the insane Chicago media bias. I called an old pal at the Chicago Sun-Times and I started to explain my point of view on the Supreme Court decision allowing Rahm Emanuel to run for Mayor of Chicago. From the very beginning, I was attempting to put the rule of law, as enforced by the City of Chicago, on the record. There is no doubt in my mind; the hearing judge knew what I was up to. In fact, after I requested some witnesses into evidence, even Bert Odelson reversed his position. The City of Chicago and the State of Illinois has made a political decision from the very beginning to allow Rahm on the ballot despite rules to the contrary. The reversal of the State board of Appeals leaves me with absolutely no doubt in my mind as to the sickness of the judicial system. The Chicago media wants Rahm law or no law. They posted the names of the Appellate judges and ridiculed them right after the Appellate ruling. The Media demanded the Illinois Supreme Court to rule immediately. There is an obvious sickness after decades of hiring political hacks and handymen to become Illinois judges. People I have helped in their quest to reclaim their jobs, when accused of residency violations, called me no stop today. Despite my years of fighting residency laws, I never got traction before or after this Rahm farce. The Chicago Media is sick and diseased. They forgot their job was to report the news in a balanced manner. The Chicago Newspapers might never care about the City workers, some with cancer that lost their residency cases. The Chicago Media will not talk about the other folks kicked off the ballot for trivial items. From day one of the Rahm Emanuel hearing, I stated the way the system favors the wealthy. I am going to watch the Chicago media and see if the guys I sent to them are going to get any press, see if they go to bat for "the little guy". They will not. I will not tell you some of the tactics a Chicago news station was going to use to sway public opinion with Rahm, it was low. But if you wonder why a little guy like me can make some noise on the internet, there is a reason, and the Chicago media has not passed the smell test. Just for the record, a reporter has accused the Sun-Times (Tim Novak) of stealing a story from him on the Inspectors still on the payroll. For the record, the first reporter to have the story was Fran Spielman of the Chicago Sun-times and the Office of the Inspector General. The story originated from a fired Building Department employee. The former employee and I were videotaping the Building Department a long time ago. The Reader was not correct on this story. Our video footage and our pictures are time stamped. This was a Sun-times story.
Obama called Rahm after the decision, did you ever wonder why? Good night, Patrick McDonough