One Reply to “"Rahm Emanuel Objectors" Video at CAN-TV Part 1”

  1. Thank you for all you do! I was so glad to see important facts brought to light about Rahm Emanuel. The man who used his dual Israeli citizenship to fight in the Gulf war as an Israeli soldier/ranking officer. You really nailed it on the show when you said that he gets preferential treatment by the mainstream media. Not just local media either might I add. A few years ago there was a story on the Big News Network about how his father made a racially insensitive comment against Arabs. He said that there will be no Arabs in the White House unless they are mopping the floor! Later that day when I went to pull the story up to show my husband I couldn’t barely find it. It had been buried underneath 3 days of news archives!

    I suspect that Emanuel is also the one behind the Blago take down. I read it for myself in the profanity filled (mostly Emanuel’s) transcript of the infamous conversation with Blago. He was irate with the govenor and told him that he was going to take down Blago and his buddy Daley and that Blago will know it was Rahm because his (Rahm’s) fingerprints will be all over it! Pull up the transcript and read it for yourself! I wouldn’t be suprised that he and his bosses put pressure on Daley to “retire” out of the sky blue.

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