4 Replies to “Looks Like Dane Placko busts Rahm Emanuel at O'Hare Airport”

  1. get ready to take it in the azz city workers,rahm will privatize alot of city jobs,he will not raise taxes 70%.

  2. I don’t care much for Emmanual, but stories like this one only help him. After 10 paragraphs of insinuation that what this joker did was wrong we get to the crux of the matter: “In a statement, the Aviation Department said it did not invite or coordinate Emanuel’s visit and had no knowledge of it until after it happened. However, it said airport employees with the proper credentials can take civilian guests into that area.”

    Obviously the reporter never refutes this, because it’s true.

    The reporter points out that a politician visited a place where anyone can visit with proper credentials. Is this really a story? C’mon, don’t tease us with wrongdoing and then leave us suckered.

    Taking potshots wastes ammunition and energy.

  3. Eve Arden…really? What rock were you sleeping under before leaving that last comment. Dane Placko doesn’t waste his time on just any story! Anyone cannot visit with proper credentials…the H & R building is like a fortress and you cannot get in unless you are on the approved list and have all the proper credentials…in all the years I worked there the only “visitor” was a union Business Agent to resolve a dispute. No politicians were ever on the premises during an election campaign! Mr. Emmanual really does buy his way into where ever he wants from Judges to Building Engineers!!

  4. Rahm and the goons from union local 700 don’t have a id for ohare. City lies. I have been there for 10 years. We were told we cant bring anyone one on city property. Or we are fired. Union snuck him in. I’f not . Then who signed him in ? He was there for votes. Period. Chico asked to get in and was denied. That’s a fact. Also I hear rahm was on air side . That’s also a no no . Home land security should look into it. City has policies. If I break them I’m suspended or fired. Them ? Nothing. Thats wrong.

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