Investigator Alphonso Treadwell and Chicago Police Superintendent Terry Hillard

Al Treadwell and Terry Hillard 1.jpg Terry Hillard is Chicago’s Police Superintendent again. I caught our Superintendent at lunchtime, but he still took time for a couple of pictures. Terry is a real class act and a credit to all Chicago Police officers. One of the few things Mayor Daley ever got right. Al Treadwell, an Investigator for the Department of Water Management, is very happy with Terry’s leadership. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

One Reply to “Investigator Alphonso Treadwell and Chicago Police Superintendent Terry Hillard”

  1. I can’t forgive him.
    Officers Vander Mey and Groh join a long list of cops who have been thrown to the dogs because they did their jobs, and the media blew it up into a racial incident.
    The then-Chicago Police Superintendent, Terry Hillard proclaimed, without the need for any investigation, that “a little more than excessive force was used” and that “I have viewed the tape, and I am personally upset about what I have seen.” He goes on to say: “The Chicago Police Department has worked too long and too hard in all our communities to build very strong relationships with our residents. These types of incidents undermine that relationship.” At this point we have the typical switch, and it is now the police who are on trial and the criminals who are “victims.” In Superintendent Hilliard’s defense, he has never taken a stand for any copper under the gun, so why should he start now?

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