Another Cover-up for Daley's Hired Truck Royal Family. Water Department scams public!

Thursday April 27, 2011 was another great day for the Daley faithful at the City of Chicago, Department of Water Management. Thomas “Tom” Tadin enjoyed another party on the taxpayer’s dime. The morning party was described a “just a coffee” by the Commissioner’s office. I asked Tom LaPorte, the department’s spokesperson what happened on Thursday and he stated, “I have no idea what you are talking about”. These type answers calls for the termination of this joker. Will Rahm Emanuel keep folks like this on the payroll? Just a decade ago, the Jardine Plant was known as “Plato’s Retreat”. Wild City Workers enjoyed everything but an honest day’s work. Clouted City Workers usually turn in their I.D.s in the morning of their last day, turn around and go home. They just need to stick it to taxpayer’s one last time. Maybe Tom will tell us about Friday morning. On another note, insiders at the Water Department need to look closely at the picture in this story, do go too far when you retire, you will be back! Will Rahm Emanuel fire all these Level 51 party animals, or get seduced by the loose money and temptation? God only knows! NEXT TIME: post all notices of your parties, I will find out anyway! Photo by Patrick McDonough. ]]>Probe target still has city job
Chicago Sun-Times, Oct 11, 2002 by Fran Spielman
The brother of clout-heavy trucking contractor Michael Tadin is holding onto an $87,048 job in the city's Water Department–on a quirky overnight shift that allows him to moonlight for Tadin's trucking company–more than two years after the inspector general recommended he be fired for falsifying attendance records.
Thomas Tadin, an assistant to Water Commissioner Rick Rice, was observed by investigators at least a dozen times–for hours at a time- -going to restaurants, shopping, going home and doing personal errands when he was supposed to be supervising Water Department crews working in the field.
During a six-month undercover surveillance triggered by co-worker complaints, Thomas Tadin was seen leaving his brother's trucking company, picking up a city vehicle at the 4 p.m. start of his shift and disappearing until 10 p.m. or 11 p.m., when he would return to the Water Department's Central District headquarters, 3901 S. Wolcott.
Inspector General Alexander Vroustouris was unable to verify co- workers' allegations that Thomas Tadin routinely spent the remainder of the night sleeping so he could be fresh for his job at M.A.T. Leasing, his brother's trucking company. In February 2000, Vroustouris recommended that Thomas Tadin be fired for falsifying time sheets.
Asked why Thomas Tadin was never fired, Water Department spokesman Tom LaPorte said, "We don't have any record of that recommendation, so there was no action to taken.