The only reason Rahm Emanuel is Mayor of Chicago is the Chicago Plumber's Union.

Tom McManus and Rahm Emanuel final.jpg Look at this picture very close. Just before Rahm Emanuel was made Mayor of Chicago, he looked into the face of arguably the most handsome plumber in America. If you look closely at this picture, you can see Tom McManus, a Local 130 goon, pulled Rahm Emanuel’s hand down to humble this guy and let him know who the real boss of Chicago is. Rahm Emanuel seems a little upset that this heifer has the balls to manhandle a former Obama Chief of Staff of the firkin United States of America. Rahm might have you thinking he is the Mayor of Chicago, but he is a pawn of the most political union in the country. Many folks in Chicago know if you want to become an elected Judge, get on the ballot, and win a judgeship, you better start snooping around the Plumber’s Union. Some folks say the fix is in and having a brilliant career in law is just not enough, they are correct. If you want to become a judge in Chicago, you will need to fork over tens of thousands of dollars for the ballot access and then for the ward bosses to make sure your name is on the palm cards. Judges are commodities, sold to the highest bidder. You need not look closer than Rahm Emanuel’s fraudulent residency to know who runs Chicago, it ain’t Rahm folks, and it ain’t Rahm. The Judges are just a bunch of pawns also, just doing as ordered. Welcome to Chicago Rahm, stand in line tough guy and do what you’re told. I know who runs Chicago and so do you. Photo of Tom McManus and Rahm Emanuel.

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  1. how many of you have heard these infamous words from Tom McManus when you were seeking help from local 130??
    “ehh, your lucky you have that job”

  2. Mr. McManus was and is still a discrace to Local 130 U.A. If this waste of oxygen is strong arming Rahm as looks in this pic then we again are in trouble, and who gave him that right to do so, is he STILL getting paid by L.U. 130? Who approved that? I guess I missed that vote also. Local 130 U.A. is a political whore and has gotten nothing for all the ass kissing and campaign funds they have given. Jobs are being lost to other unions that work on the domestic water supply system, though the IL. Plumbers License is suppose to govern this. The day will come soon Local 130 officers will regret they have treated their members, and what use to be the Great Local 130 U.A. like some red headed bastard step child. Hopefully members will once again with the will, and balls, will run against this corrupt bunch that are an embarrassment to OUR LOCAL 130 U.A. They seem to have for gotten where they get there checks from, and misuse the dues to pay Business Reps. while there is no work to justify their means, or they look the other way as they pass by the scab jobs. Though Municipal Plumbers are working they should be concerned of rising costs of their pensions and health care (Again-Politicians)…though they already are paying aprox. $750.00 out of their own pockets a month, compared to $0.00 for the Plumbers on the outside…yet all you hear is how the Municipal workers are robbing the tax payers…. Where is the politicians that Local 130 U.A. funded and helped get elected stating what is the truth. Oh, I forgot, they dare not debate or stand up for anyone because of their pesions, and health benefits that are huge and free.. I think there needs to be a reckoning for all Union Officials to start calling in their/our? long over due markers to the politicians and REPRESENT their members and PROTECT OUR JUSISDICTION for the work that is being scabbed out…. Yea, times are tuff….”We’re lucky to have ANY job” But ….we would have more jobs….and respect for the work we do, if our Union Reps did THEIR jobs!
    McManus???? Fucking Blow Heart that never gave a shit about plumbers….unless they were under his thumb…

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