CBS 2 News Chicago covers City Worker assualt July 21, 2011

City Worker injured turning off hydrants CBS2News Chicago Richard Quarles, a 20 year Chicago City Worker was assaulted by neighborhood kids when he turned off a fire hydrant. Both members of the crew were pushed and shoved. The event was covered by CBS2 News staff. City residents need to report open hydrants and call police. Chicago Clout has reported Fire Hydrant issues for many years. City workers understand the kids need to stay cool, but wasting water is not cool. Photo from cbs2 Chicago website. Patrick McDonough

Chicago Department of Water Management 50 year employee Tony Fico Retires

Anthony Fico IMG-20110613-00341 final.jpg Last week Anthony Fico celebrated 50 years of service to the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. He retired. I was hoping Rahm Emanuel or the Commissioner would have celebrated the milestone. I was hoping to hear of a party, a nice goodbye. Tony also worked side by side with my father for many years, they became true friends. Fifty years of busting his ass on the Hydrant truck as his twilight neared. Tony got the short end of the stick when it came to promotions; he is a walking Shakman violation. I have never in my life seen any man work as hard as this guy. Tony Fico, on behalf of the working guys at the City of Chicago, thank you for all you have done. Tony is the best ever, period. Thank you. Photo by Patrick McDonough