Shakman Settlement Victims get Federal Relief thanks to Clout Busters

Randazzo Rebate Shakman Many City of Chicago employees were victims of the Mayor Daley patronage machine. A landmark settlement for millions of dollars was distributed to many city workers. Many city employees were afraid of retaliation and did not file for relief from the Federal Monitor. After intense negation with the Internal Revenue Service, we can get you thousands of dollars back in overpaid taxes. Chicago taxed the money as if it was income and it should have been a tax-free settlement. If you or someone you know received a Shakman Settlement, contact Chicago Clout so you can get your big refund and interest. Mayor Daley left a big pile for Rahm Emanuel to clean up, it never ends. Just ask Bruce Randazzo what it is like having a few extra thousand in your pocket. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. Hey Patrick, That check was only the beginning, MORE to follow!! When I talk to other city workers about filing charges, its the same old story “I don’t want to be messed with like have been” Its true, I did take a beating, the city may have won a few rounds, but did they win the fight? NO and again NO, Here is the Story Patrick. Not to reveal everything on this web site. I was never a hard guy to get along with, the city made me this way to fight back. I minded my own Business back in the day, But when they keep Fu****G with you what are you suppose to do, sit still and be like a fool, HELL NO!! So now when the city or others mess with me and LIE about me, Call me very bad names, call my Mother a bad name along with mine. Now that fellow that said that to me, will reap the justice of the LORD thy God!! Patrick I believe in Karma. I just wish I am there to see the Justice of the LORD done to these very bad “Devils” (in my opinion) Patrick there is so much “EVIL” in the North district. (George it was great to see you the other night. Tell Pete and Lovemore Hello !!!!!! GOD bless you Brother!!!)But Patrick we need to do a few shows. We need to teach the city workers how to fight back against the corruption that is there already. I wish to offer up a prayer/note to everyone who is right with GOD. When the day begins we should ask “Lord look over us and protect us from the EVIL beings that are with us every day, and Protect us from the Devils that will try to get us to do the Devils work, give me the right path to follow I ask this in my Lords name my God. AMEN”. Patrick I ask this of my LORD my God everyday when I wake up. I have seen the light from my God! I owe God more that I can ever repay. God is good and God is great! I would not have nothing if is wasn’t for God! AMEN!!!!

  2. An anonymous source is telling the 19th ward blogger that a few Sheriff’s employees have already filed complaints with the U.S Attorney in how the payoffs were paid to the claimants involved the Cook County Sheriff Departments landmark Shakman case. Source says the claimants were outraged to find out the lawyers received over 5 million while the claimants were only paid 762k. Our blog already reported how we thought Shakman was a scam when Tom Dart opened his doors to them in 2008. Tom Dart receieved numerous awards and praise from his lawyers buddies who walked away with million’s of dollars in only a three year period. This is how Tom Dart’s official press release after Shakman left. Noticable absent was the payout structure on who receieved what. I guess the Attorney General will decide if any laws were broken. I always thought lawyers got around 33% of any settlement. Not over 80%. Only in Cook County can this happen. “Dart just did a bang-up job,” said Clifford Meacham, a former Cook County judge who in 2008 was appointed by a federal judge to oversee compliance at the then-wildly disorganized 7,000-employee sheriff’s office.
    Twenty-nine months later, a federal magistrate just dismissed the sheriff from the Shakman case because he has dealt ably with illegal and other dubious practices. The legal tab is $5.3 million, including $2.4 million for Mr. Meacham and his staff, $1.3 million for outside lawyers at Hinshaw & Culbertson, $918,000 for the lawyer Michael Shakman and aides and $762,000 to claimants.

  3. There have been a number of former/current city employees who were awarded money from the Shakman Settlement who have continued other legal action against the city. A number of times they have tried to use the money they have gotten from Shakman as evidence to strengthen their cases. Each time the judge has said it hold no legal weight. In fact it was noted in one case that the fact pattern in the claim paid out by the Monitor for political discrminiation was the same in the current by now the plantiff was claiming another type of discrimination. Thats the newest version of double dibbing.

    Pat I also like how your claim about the IRS. The IRS loves to see stories like that when they are investigating matters.
    (Response) I report the news. Nothing has changed in Chicago except Rahm is mayor. Same corruption. Enjoy more taxes.

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