Chicago Law Dept. and Inspector General demand Rahm to stop using City Workers

Rahm Emanuel Pic with City Workers.png Rahm Emanuel is using Chicago City Workers for backdrops and photo ops to bolster his run for the upcoming Mayoral Race. City Workers were attempting to pick up garbage and complete their tasks when a Commissioner ordered them to wait all morning for Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Media to take pictures for the news. City Workers that were black and Hispanic were ordered to the front for pictures. Workers wore City Uniforms and the trucks were clean as a whistle. One City Worker said, he did not see a fly or a foul smell for once. This beats pickin up trash said one employee. The Inspector General has told Rahm and City employees to keep away from the press. The Law Department is very angry as Rahm is making lawsuits against the city run afoul. Rahm used the Water Department for photo shoots for years. It is a backdrop for votes. One City commissioner said” it is Rahm being Rahm”. The Inspector General is still not going after Rahm for using City funds for his personal use. Joe said, “I still got a job”. Photo by Nancy Stone of the Tribune.