Thomas Conway special treatment, Chicago Department of Water Management

The 19 Ward is known for taking care of their own. Today I called the 19th Ward and some rude lady decided she did not have to identify herself. She had no intention of notifying Alderman Matt O’Shea, the press was inquiring into a report that Thomas Conway was receiving special treatment by the Department of Water Management Commissioner Cheeks.

Allegedly on May 17, 2018, Thomas Conway was being the “acting up position as Pipe Foremen”. He was allegedly being rude to a woman asking questions on a pipe job he was supervising. Thomas Conway was reported to Matt O’Shea’s office.

Allegedly, Commissioner Cheeks went to the job site due to a “strong odor” and the complaint. Two women of Commissioner rank from the Jardine Plant wearing high heels and dresses were on the job site. Once again the workers on the site were pissed because the women were a hazard and slipping on the uneven ground. A drug test was ordered by the Commissioner and a high rate of alcohol was determined. The City of Chicago has a zero tolerance for alcohol and drug abuse according to Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

According to several City of Chicago employees, Thomas showed up to work today, to get drug rehabilitation services. Most City of Chicago employees gets fired on the spot for drug violations. Most black employees are walked off the job like dogs.

No doubt, the 19th Ward is a bastion of bars, drugs and alcohol abuse. Many City of Chicago employees are given high ranking jobs due to their political work for the 19th ward, Matt O’Shea, and Tom Dart. The Chicago Inspector General turns his back on these investigations because he is ordered to do so. When these same people keep up with their actions, lawsuits of major amounts of money are paid out. You can’t fix stupid.

According to several sources, Plumbers Local 130 agents made the arrangement for preferential treatment. Today I spoke to Gary Litherland, City of Chicago Department of Water Management spokesperson, who sounds like he was jogging. Gary was again lacking any knowledge of the incident. Commissioner Conner tell your employees what is going on please. Please stop the cover-ups. More on this story and the ongoing cover-up of Andrew “Handy Andy” Anderson termination-resignation.