Lori Lightfoot for Mayor

Lori Lightfoot

We at Chicago Clout have a reputation for asking people not to vote for a certain candidate for Mayor of Chicago. We at Chicago Clout love to expose people in office that are self-serving, and machine run. Chicago is run by a large organization behind the scenes. A multi-billion-dollar group of insiders spend every penny that is not glued down. They control contracts, consulting deals, supplies, and legal business.  

These people tell the Mayor what to do and funnel money to outside groups that provide millions to Chicago candidates. It is not a coincidence they control elections and outcomes. This 2018 and 2019 election was no exception.

Not long ago, candidates against Rahm Emanuel were ready to take on the mayor and provide him an embarrassing exit. Some big names join the race when Rahm left because they were told to. They diffused the race to their discredit. The only candidate that can be controlled is Toni. If you think the head of the Cook County Democratic Party is independent, then you are cray cray. Toni has access to millions because of her loyalty to the old-style Chicago democratic machine.

Would Toni remove Alderman Edward Burke from office and clean out the corruption? NO. Burke has his hands in everything financial in Chicago and is only running again so Chicago taxpayers will pay his legal fees. Burke has dragged workers compensation cases on for no reason. (more on that later) Burke has taken money from no-bid contractors and given to candidates that will allow him to run free and continue stealing everything.

On February 25, 2019, an emergency meeting was held at the Department of Water Management to discuss the politics of the Mayoral race. Lightfoot can not be counted on to keep the same Management team Rahm Emanuel and Daley placed to keep the contracts in place. The FOIAs blocked by the Asst. Commissioner of Safety and Security at the DOWM, Ralph Chiczewski, will be exposed and the cat will be out of the bag. FOIAs such as the multi-million-dollar settlements due to injuries will be exposed soon.

Cover-ups on the massive drinking water scandals will soon be exposed and people will go to jail. (please drink bottled water Chicago).

Chicago’s greatest problem is the last batch of promotions under the control of Rahm Emanuel at the many departments. Rahm told a Federal judge how he was going to make sure politics was out and quality candidates would be promoted. LIES.

No matter who becomes Mayor of Chicago, she will need to deal with the unqualified employees made under Rahm. The contracts to Commissioners are the least of Chicago’s problems. The open-ended contracts with no oversite are problem number one.

Chicago problem number two is the lack of a free press. Most media are now just rewritten pieces from one outlet to the next. You can switch from one T.V. station to the next and hear the exact same stories. Sad.

As a City of Chicago Plumber and member of the media, I can tell you I had full access to many of the mayoral campaigns in the last mayoral election. I watched great “geniuses” advise candidates on every aspect of the race. I also watched a street wise advisor not used to his full potential. The insiders knew the original candidates for mayor were very talented. The candidates were wasting time on small meetings, rehashing their past, and failing to make a sellable image. This was a reformer race and some candidates failed to portray themselves as reformers. Many of the candidates were far too nice and were afraid to corner another candidate.

No doubt Lori Lightfoot ran the best race and her media was the best. I also thought she was amazing in the way she presented herself. The Sun-Times endorsement really made some great momentum for her. Just recently Toni Preckwinkle was hammered by Fran Spielman on the Fran Spielman Show. I think we should let Fran Spielman loose and moderate an entire one-hour T.V. interview with both candidates. WTTW and Paris was also strong in professional coverage.

Rahm Emanuel left Chicago in dire straits, but he set up himself and his own. I saw that over eight years ago. In fact, Rahm left Chicago so bad, the next Mayor will never enjoy the job. Better get a fighter.

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  1. The Taxpayers of Chicago cannot afford TaxWinkle for Mayor a blatant out and out liar: remember the soda tax and how it was for our health and it turned out to only be a money grab so she could blow up her budget, how can we even begin to trust her.

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