Mike “the envelope” Tierney and Lightfoot Campaign

Plumbers’ Local 130 for Lightfoot

Plumbers Local 130 is hedging their bets with Lori Lightfoot after having their ass handed to them with the failed endorsement of Willie Daley. William “Willie” Daley has always been in the background making millions for the family enterprises. The Daley family has ruined Chicago finances and profited greatly in the stroke.

The fat guy in the right of the picture is Michael Tierney. Mike Tierney is an opportunist of the lowest type. The Feds are going to want to talk to Mike about the great cash business he has making judges in Cook County. The judges pay millions to the Democratic Organization to get elected and insiders have fake addresses, names, and access to fix lawsuits and cases. The making of the judges was done at the Plumbers hall with Alderman Burke and others making sure the judges that rule the right way are on the ballot.

Mike Tierney got a real scare when Chicago Department of Water Management employees reported his “pay to play” for overtime. The Chicago Inspector General did nothing about it. The hired truck scandal revealed the North District loaded “B-Boxes” stuffed with cash and headed to the Jardine Plant to the pockets of the likes of Donald Tomczak. Mike Tierney always preferred “Caulkers” and said in sworn oath, that “Caulkers are better than Plumbers”. I sure he really meant lining his pockets with cash O.T. bribes.

Mike Tierney could not even get a permit for his own house when he added a second floor. He hired a water main company to front the Plumber’s permit. That Water Main company did not even install residential plumbing. More fraud on Tierney’s part.

When Tierney was interviewed by the bullshit Inspector General during the Hired Truck Scandal, he started running and lost lots of weight. Now it is back on due to the hard-working Plumbers high dues to keep this pig fed. Now that the Southsiders’ are jumping on Lori Lightfoot’s bandwagon, expect the same bunch to keep fixing promotions, water main installation jobs, and consulting at the Department of Water Management.

Careful Lori Lightfoot, you will need some good eyes at the Department of Water Management to straighten out the corruption.  Alderman Burke will make your like miserable until you remove him

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  1. Glad to see you website is still fake news. You are the champion at making false, misleading and inaccurate statement. I just love seeing your associates go down on such things as fraud such as can’t drive so I can’t work but yet drove for Uber. Keep It up and good job

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