Joe Ferguson and the Chicago I.G.

Ole Joe Ferguson wants to move up after failure at the Office of Inspector General. You would really think ole Joe would hang up his boots and just go away. Two more years are in store for all City of Chicago Employees of a silly goof that has not made any indents into any corruption at Chicago City Hall. Let’s review, I can testify Joe is a complete failure at investing actual crime scenes. Sure enough, weeks and months later, Joe and his team of high school grades, former cops, college trainees, and political appointees investigate criminal activities.

I can testify for a fact, I.G. flunkies try to skewer investigations toward the outcome they desire.  Not long ago, a Chicago Cop on the Northwest Side of Chicago attacked a crew of City Workers sent to determine the cause of his sewer backup. When the acting detective was not happy, he attacked the crew. Joe Ferguson sent out a complete idiot and he listened to the cop only. He never investigated the entire group in people that were involved. Sure enough, Ole Joe, requested the phone records of the person attacked and not the Cop that made all these wild claims. Sure enough, when the case was appealed by the Plumbers’ Union at the Chicago Personnel Board, it was dismissed.

None of the cop’s pals showed up for court, and a complete loser that made the case for Joe Ferguson already left the I.G. to work in another state. What a failure. Chicago has paid for many investigations and they end up dismissed. Joe is just a puppet for Rahm Emanuel.  Joe goes after low hanging fruit like employees that that steal time and other minor crimes. When was the last time you heard Joe Ferguson making a multi-million dollar bust? Joe Ferguson always makes time for Fran Spielman, his number one fan and WTTW Chicago tonight. Minor investigations are of no use to get Chicago’s dire financial health back in order.

Joe is attempting to sell the public he is helping the Chicago F.B.I. I guess he shuffles papers and picks up after the F.B.I. agents’ dogs. Now Joe is selling us he wants to be a States Attorney of Cook County. But he is being smug and secretive. Joe Ferguson only accomplished bulling city workers by telling them their right to remain silent means nothing. Joe scares city workers into talking to them and their crappy union representatives go along so them will not have to challenge the I.G. in court. Amazing.

If Ole Joe will run for anything but dog catcher, you can bank on me to exposing this goof. Trying to ride the wave of Chicago’s reform agenda will not allow Joe on the train. He has enough pensions now. Just let him retire.

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