Lori Lightfoot wins, Big Mouth loses.

Ralph Chiczewski Chicago Department of Water Management Commissioner

What a great victory for Chicago. The Department of Water Management counted on Toni Preckwinkle to win. Rahm Emanuel placed many political hires at the DOWM to cover his banker friends when he left. We at Chicago Clout exposed the contracts and phony consultants that milk Chicago dry. What most people fail to realize, Rahm hired all these “experts” to obtain political kickbacks and do an “end run” around hiring local blacks to good paying city jobs. Many blacks and Hispanics were shut out of the gravy train so suburban political operatives could prosper.

Chicago Clout insiders were at the Lori Lightfoot victory party and I was impressed with the caliber of the attendees. These were Chicago folks of all walks of life. Many were very well educated, successful, and professional. Gone were the “Alderman Edward Burke” types, you know, high school and grade school educated, sloppy, street talkers. Burke has destroyed Chicago by stopping people’s workers compensation benefits, forcing fraud upon the taxpayers by forceing injured City workers on Social Security and food stamps. Shame on the crooks.

When you have a high caliber of attendees, you also will notice who sticks out. In attendance was Ralph “the chameleon” Chiczewski, a high ranking DOWM Commissioner that sneaks around while other people work hard. I was honored to attend as a member of the press at the Conrad Hilton Event. According to a DOWM insider, Ralph was sent to spy on who Lori Lightfoot had in attendance. If Toni Preckwinkle won, these employees would be fired, harassed, retaliated against, and never promoted. That is the way Chicago Old style politics works. It is all about power, getting kickbacks from contractors, selling tickets to political events, obtaining gift cards, envelopes with cash, favors, free hotel rooms, and other dirty tricks. Ralph loves his police type cruiser that he parks illegally all the time. The retired cop was a thorn in Andy Thayer’s booty years ago.

Please enjoy a picture of Ralph “the chameleon” Chiczewski. I hope he was at work today snitching to Commissioner Connor and other high-ranking officials. Most Commissioners were at Toni Preckwinkle’s final curtain call. Ralph’s picture reflects what a DOWM Management Commissioner looks like. Real Class? Time for Lori Lightfoot to audit all jobs, promotions, and consulting contracts. These jobs need to return to Chicago residents of all color. We also need Rahm Chiczewski to stop using Homeland Security to hide all the fraud and waste.

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