Mayor Lori Lightfoot just misses Mercury Scandal at Department of Water Management Jardine Plant

Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot will soon take of and control the City of Chicago. Some of you might be wondering why Chicago Clout has not adjusted Lori Lightfoot’s picture. Well, Lori Lightfoot is going to be a great Mayor. As a City of Chicago employee and fierce supporter of Lori Lightfoot, I am ready for change. Real Change. I am also ready for some transparency. I am also ready for talented, college educated, licensed professionals to take over the Department of Water Management. Lori Lightfoot was already at the troubled Department to get her take on why the Department of Water Management is run by a bunch of goofballs that manage to keep the Department in the newspapers and media on a regular basis. Despite Ralph Chiczooski, the commander of mercury spills and cover-ups, word keeps getting out of all the scams at the Water Department.

According to my sources, Lori Lightfoot is going to take a buzz saw to all the goofs that have made a mockery of a once proud department. Lori was asking people about their experience and credentials to run a near billion-dollar department. What would you expect from a Licensed Attorney with impeccable credentials? One guy said he was a cement finisher and went to college for a couple of years and left after acting the fool. Blamed was Rahm Emanuel that counted on Carrie Austin and Burke to suggest unqualified people that continue to make bad decisions. Rahm Emanuel has just bloated the department with friends he owed political favors to.  Also, Chicago Clout will expose all the promotions at the Water Department soon.

Yesterday, the Department of Water Management had another spill of hazardous material. Many Water Department employees were walking through the mercury yesterday and it went everywhere. The City of Chicago Water has mercury in the potable drinking water. The Mercury goes well with all the lead. Mercury in the Jardine plant is everywhere. Specialty companies had to be hired to pick up the massive spills. Jars have broken and spilled everywhere in the past. Some of the mercury spills happened because the water department needed mercury for their monometers. Soon Chicago will have a new Mayor that will open the criminal and reckless activities that continue to make your drinking water unsafe. Just like Rahm Emanuel, make sure you drink bottled water. Rahm has made all Chicago media coverup for his tricks, when will they put their boy pants on? We will also explain why old commissioners are still meeting with Connor soon.

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