Mayor Lori Lightfoot May 20, 2019 Inauguration

I am again thanking Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her staff for her allowing unfettered access to her inauguration on May 20, 2019. I was lucky because this was an event that was well attended. As expected, many of the movers and shakers wanted to be seen. This is an election of great expectations. Already some are ready to criticize. If you think this is going to be easy, you are sadly mistaken.

Chicago has ingrained corruption. You can not change this easy. Rahm Emanuel made many promotions as political payback. The only way Mayor Lightfoot will change anything is to review all recent promotions and all transfers. Rahm transferred many workers and made a dump at the last minute. Many workers made aware of the Workers compensation investigation, made a miracle recovery. At least Chicago made reasonable accommodations for their friends.

Good Luck Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

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