Chicago Clout Hall of Stupid Carrie Austin

Carrie Austin got the Feds on her azz now.

All the Chicago Clout fans know a deep investigation into Alderman Carrie Austin and her extended family started by Jay Stone, the maverick son of former Alderman Stone.

Chicago clout told you years ago, the Water Department was treating her son like a V.I.P. and not like a laborer. Since when did the DOWM management, take a laborer to a City Council Meeting? What was Mr. Austin doing at that meeting down at City Hall? Sleeping. I should release those photos. It was sickening to watch Commissioner Talley kissing this dude’s azz instead of having him dig ditches.

Both Austin fools will be out on the street. Carrie Austin has given more people jobs and promotions making life good for her and goon squad. Carrie will be exposed for her 300-million-dollar medical wheeling dealing with Medical billing and her profitable committee work. Remember when the little Emanuel was priding himself on lying to the Federal Judge and demanding no more Shakman oversight? The Judge should have listened to Jay Stone and me when we warned about the current and ongoing rigged jobs to the Federal Judge.

I am glad the Chicago Media is rocking and rolling now. Time to expose these bums and put them in jail. I asked the Governor of Wisconsin to make a major expansion in the federal prison in Oxford. The Chicago wing of the prison should be ready to handle a entire batch of Chicago politicians, commissioners, and assorted henchmen.

I am making the popcorn now, extra buttered.

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