Killing Birds at the Department of Water Management

Many City of Chicago Department of Water Management employees care about nature. Many are just brutes that purposely kill animals to take out their frustrations. Not long ago a Department of Water Management employee under the control of Commissioner “Coo Coo” Conner, took a pole and dislodged birds making nests above the entrance of the Eugene Sawyer Water Treatment Plant. A pole was used to dislodge the little fellas because the worker was pissed the bird crapped on his shoulder a few days prior. Look shorty, a little bird shit on your shirt is not the end of the world. The workers flew into a rage and then plotted and planned on how to kill the birds.

Originally the entire thing was covered up by the DOWM and the Security Department sat on the case. Things escalated when reports were made to Chicago Clout, the Sun-Times and the Federal Government. This case is getting hotter by the second as Mayor Lori Lightfoot can not allow the Water Department to continue as a wild west show.

Lining up the birds and killing them is a new low for the Department of Water Management. When you hire alcoholics, partiers, and low life to run the place, this is what happens when you hire scumbags. Read the story here,  Fran Spielman deserves an award for exposing these rats. Many hard-working employees are dirtied by the same trash that get political jobs. I am demanding Commissioner Conner is fired now.

I hope Joe Lynch can explain how to oil the eggs of birds that migrate from Canada. The Geese sit on the eggs for months and they never hatch. Also, they killed birds at the Jardine Plant for years, they went on the roof and exterminated them.

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