Luis “Daddy’s Boy” Arroyo Jr. busted

Luis Arroyo Jr.

Luis Arroyo Jr. is doing the same shit all City many Chicago Department of Water Management employees perfect, corruption. Luis was well known for having a real gravy job sitting in the North District teamster’s office waiting to go out and drive a truck. Yes, Luis is a truck driver at the Water Department. Luis was fixing a ticket, and this is not the only one. This is theft. Yes, theft. Chicago is broke, Cook County is a mess. Politics is a mess in Cook County. The Corruption from top-down.

I suggest Luis is returned to Chicago to drive a truck and step down as a Cook County Commissioner. Another prime failure of the Chicago Political system. Shame. Don’t worry Luis, you seat in the North District will be kept warm for you. You will not even need a CDL License anyway.

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