Welcome to Chicago, broke as a joke.

You need not read this if you want to hear, you are getting all your pension money promised.

Chicago is an absolute mess. Over eight years ago I went after phony Rahm Emanuel when he was attempting to defraud Chicago posing as a resident of Chicago. Amazing how the laws change as the scam master said his wife’s wedding dress was in the basement of a house he was renting. Nice. All Chicago city employees should say they are renting their homes and live in the cozy burbs free from shooting and nonstop crime. Remember all the press fawning over little Rhammy?

I have run the numbers and have concluded the following should be done.

  1. Tell the shooters if they fire a weapon in the Chicago city limits they will go to jail for good.
  2. Tell the CPD they have free rein to pound the hell out of all criminals. Send the message the city will hide all videotaping and evidence of police abuse.
  3. Fire all Chicago employees hired thorough clout. Every one of them. No exceptions.
  4. Remove every promotion and transfer made since Rahm become mayor.
  5. Jail Alderman Edward Burke. Strip every penny he and his family have made for the last 33 years. Remove Justice Burke and publicly flog her.
  6. Double the taxes right now. All taxes should be doubled until all debts are paid.
  7. Take 25% off every Chicago city employee’s check until the debt is paid.
  8. Stop every Chicago public works program and every freebie. No more food stamps, no more free housing, no more free utilities.
  9. Stop every contract immediately with a minority of women’s owned business.
  10. Post every penny spent on contracts. Every single contract and every single order.
  11. Cancel every auto lease except city police and fire.
  12. Stop Rahm Emanuel free police patrol.
  13. Shoot on-site every person with a gun in their hand not licensed to have one.
  14. Only have 15 Alderman and watch these cats close.
  15. Remove every illegal immigrant that is receiving free room and board on the public payroll
  16. Beat every free program administrator that receives a paycheck for doing this public work.
  17. Shoot all members of the Daley family after a fair and completely rigged trial.
  18. Have public support for all newspapers that report corruption and give them a percentage of the money they save the public.
  19. Hire an Inspector General that goes after all the white-collar crime.
  20. Hire retired Federal Bank examiners to audit the books.
  21. Stop the progressive movement and all anti-Trump bullshit until after all the finances are returned to the black.
  22. Get rid of the Unions, they are only helping themselves.

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