The King of Illinois and Queen of Chicago

The Covid-19 Virus is no laughing matter. The Chicago and Illinois media has again gone soft of J.B. Pritzker and Lori Lightfoot. None of the tough questions have been asked. Many citizens in Chicago face bankruptcy and are going to be homeless. Many of these people are going to be part of a possible class-action lawsuit. Coo Coo Lightfoot thinks she is the queen of Chicago. Pritzker thinks he is the king of Illinois. The courts are going to weigh in on both of their assumed powers. The reactions by these two is wreaking havoc and will last for a decade.

The shutdown of Illinois, a broke and corrupt state, will leave billions more in an already massive budget deficit. The newspapers are not spelling out the budget is based on a federal bailout. I suspect something is brewing because Leroy Lightfoot is getting real close to Trump and not making waves. Pritzker has his massive beast of a mouth closed. A casino is no answer but moved forward thanks to stupidity. Where are the priorities?

I am just wondering, not long ago the United States was hit with HIV. HIV is a virus. The gay community went stark raving made when a possible isolation order was considered. It was ‘racist”, “antigay”, and you can go on and on. The virus could be passed on just like COVID-19. Covid-19 is passed through sexual contact. In fact, New York told many people not to munch on the behind. (putting it nicely).

Mayor Leroy Lightfoot, an open gay should explain why the Covid-19 response is different than the HIV response.

I think the isolation of the initial HIV outbreak would have saved many lives. Corona Virus Contact Tracing seems like an invasion into your privacy. Why is Pritzker and Lightfeet so insanely obsessed with this strain of virus. The public is being screwed around as to the truth of all this. The public will soon find out the real reason for the invasion of their privacy.

I really hope the Gay and LGBT community fire up and fight for the end of the lockdown. While we wait, Lori Lightfoot will continue to run Chicago into the ground for good.

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