How Mayor Lori Lightfoot lost Chicago during the Riots

Mayor Lori Lightfoot is nothing but an ASS.

Saturday May 30, the loop was taken over by domestic terrorists. Unconceivable damage to retail establishments, looting, and attacks against the police took place throughout the entire downtown business district and seat of government and the government officials elected by us failed in their core responsibility to protect people and property. The individuals that own this are Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Governor “toilet removal” Pritzker both of whom own this epic failure. A few days before the riots broke out the Mayor proudly and publicly proclaimed, “F- U –President of the United States.” Now for a person who likes to use the expression, as Lightfoot frequently does, that a person is using a dog whistle to elicit a response from supporters or a political base-what kind of message does it send to people, that the mayor of the city is telling the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the Country which trump is as President –to go f off. So not only was the statement unbecoming of a city employee –in which in many cases city employees have been terminated for making such statements, the message very likely served to ferment an angry and potentially violent revolt. Yes, the Mayor has first amendment rights but she most has missed the class on the golden rule and the sagacious advice that “Silence is Golden.”

As for the domestic attacks of terrorism, how can the leader of the city fail to collect intelligence and react appropriately to viable threats against the citizens? Do not think for a minute Lightfoot does not reputedly have access to detailed intelligence reports collected by local and federal law enforcement. This information should have led to decision making including shutting the loop down well in advance of the riots and looting. Former Richard M. Daley had already provided Lightfoot with the blueprints from prior lessons learned. Remember the Chicago Flood in the early 1990s? Within a few hours of realizing the loop had a potential major safety issue from flooding, than Mayor Daley raised the bridges and re-routed all traffic and implemented a counter traffic flow to dump the loop in an orderly and prompt manner-it was textbook perfect-not a single injury and the complete evacuation of the entire downtown business district in a matter of hours –all on a regular business day no less.. Following -9-11-01 billions of dollars were spent by government and private businesses to safeguard establishments. State of the art camera systems can cover a person walking through the entire loop and this is monitored. Additionally, Rich Daley frequently utilized heavy equipment from infrastructure Departments to create barriers in order to safeguard police and citizens when threats of attack or civil unrest were on the radar. Why were none of these methods deployed and only deployed until the loop was up for grabs? The reason is because Lightfoot took a chance with all of us in order to maintain her political messages. She was afraid to act and the police department under her control was hamstrung as a result. Not to mention her callous treatment of her new police Chief-accusing him a week earlier of an epic failure for the record violence throughout the city during the Memorial Day weekend. She appoints the Police Chief and all other exempt employees- she is the elected official that is accountable to the people that put her in office. She can try to “Johnny Lujack” the responsibility away from herself, but she damn well owns it. If she really wants to talk about epic failures, she should look at herself and her nice little haircut provided during a public health quarantine in the mirror. She has failed the citizens of Chicago epically. She has no concept about fundamental government operations and deployment of a Unified and Integrated strategy for a major public safety disaster. She should be ashamed of herself. Three years cannot come soon enough. Remember this too-although they have tried to infringe on your second amendment rights-go purchase yourself a private arsenal of weapons –the cavalry is not coming when you need it most to protect your loved ones. The government could not even safeguard the crown jewel of the heart of the business district think they will be able to protect you out in the neighborhoods?

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  1. Gov. J.B. Pritzker has the power to remove this disgraceful and grossly incompetent Mayor, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, from the office that she holds.

    Gov. J.B. Pritzker absolutely SHOULD remove this disgraceful and grossly incompetent Mayor, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, from the office that she holds.

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