Mayor Lori and Louise Lightfoot fail Chicago again

Many City of Chicago children were listening in when racist Mayor Lori Lightfoot was acting like a Jive Turkey. The public face Lori likes to portray is that of reformer and a nice person. In private, Lori proved to be lacking in any civility. The Sun-Times called her “thin-skinned”.

Most of us know of people that get what they want and then find out they realize they are completely unqualified. The way these people react when they get in an embarrassing predicament is to act stupid and childish. Mayor Lori Lightfoot took the position of the slow and unwitting Aunty and called all the nut jobs to protest the murder of George Floyd. Lori who is aching for a promotion to a Federal post had all the right ingredients to get ahead. The Chicago Mayor’s job was perfect for her. Rahm Emanuel already screwed everything up. I told you then Chicago is a financial nightmare.

Just like the Daley family, Rahm is set and ready for billions in financial deals ready for his arrival. Chicago is a banker’s paradise. Chicago is so desperate to take any money anyone will loans them. The amount of points on the loans does not matter. Lori is going to go down with the unions that made her. During the COVID-19 emergency, Lori had most of Chicago employees working since they are source of petition signatures and money for the democratic party. These insiders control billions in dirty contracts and funnel the money to the next election. Pay to play.

When you hear the Chicago Media ask questions to Lori, they are nice and prepared. Lori answers in her phony gravel voice attempting to answer like a competent pantsuit.

Lori kept all the old guard and to the real powers that control Chicago. At least when Rahm Emanuel did a photo op he shaved his legs and oiled them up. I still laugh to this day when I see the Chicago cameramen chasing him for some B-Roll. There is a reason why Lori refused to wear a dress in public, thank god for disco pants.

When Fran Spielman hit a grand slam with her release of Mayor Lori Lightfoot swearing like a sailor in an audio recording, it made national news. Fox News has a heyday. According to my sources, the recording was also allegedly released by Alderman Edward Burke’s righthand man. Mayor Lori Lightfoot was so upset, her staff told me she was crying like a baby and then out of control with revenge.

Mayor Lightfoot needs to realize she burned many bridges when she shut down the FOIA’s she promised to reform. Lori Lightfoot cannot return from her riot that ruined her image. White Chicago never looked at her skin color when she promised the moon. Lori failed and is a small spiteful loser. The worst part is all of us wanted her to prove a black lesbian could lead and make haters look stupid.

Yes, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a jive turkey. P.S. Lori caved in all of the union negotiations, she is again giving big wage increased to City workers. The unions, especially Plumbers Local 130 picked this prize turkey out of the lot. While many American starve and have no work, Lori is taking Federal bailout loans that will come back and haunt her.

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