Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Pritzker borrow billions from President Donald Trump

The Federal Government has put aside billions for Coo Coo Lori

Wake up all of Chicago employees. The gravy train is hitting a broken bridge. It is no secret the City of Chicago kept many of its employees working at home. Many we know are not needed during Covid-19 restrictions. It is no different that a family that lost all the breadwinners and the parents are still racking up large credit card bills.

Worse yet, the City of Chicago has kept almost all subcontractors working as Rome burns. Chicago is in major debt that will exceed over one billion. Chicago is on target to completely place itself in a position impossible to get out of.

My sources told me Mayor Lori Lightfoot will continue to fight every FOIA and drag on each request to the maximum amount of time. We discovered fraud in the DWM FOIA system, and the Office of the Inspector General is doing nothing. The same Chicago Inspector General that refused to supply his army of retards and misfits to assist Chicago Police quell ongoing riots. Most Chicago Inspector Generals are at home looking at stupid T.V. shows. If I was Joe Ferguson, I would quit because he is nothing but a puppet and a clown that is just building up a second and third pension for him and his co-conspirators.

Many Chicago workers are going to wake up soon and get laid off for good, for a long time. The State of Illinois took a major Municipal Liquidity Facility Loan. It was not displayed in the Sun-times or Tribune and no questions were asked of Pritzker or Lori Lightfoot. Mayor Lori Lightfoot completely failed Chicago by keeping all of Rahm Emanuel’s Commissioners. Lori Lightfoot has no idea of what she is doing and completely failed at her duties. Should Lightfoot continue to crave the spotlight on national television while Chicago is already over a cliff?

You will never find the turds at CNN ask any financial questions of Coo Coo Lori. If I was Lori, I would lose some weight around the middle, shave my legs, put on a dress, put on some lipstick, wear a pushup bra, put on a wig to hide the bald spots, dye my hair, get her hair did, shave her armpits, put on high heels, gargle her bad breath, brush her nasty teeth, get her nails did, shut the fuck up, and kiss Donald J. Trumps ass to get out of the massive hole, Daley, Emanuel, and Lightfoot made for the good citizens of Chicago. The current pictures are being doctored to make Lori look good. She looks like an old turd.

I find it amazing many of the Unions are looking for a fight with the Union Contractors. Some of the fat cat union members have not sacrificed like all the citizens during Covid-19. Illinois is a junk-bond state. Taking loans separate from the Federal Reserve and traditional bonds puts Chicago and Illinois in the worst financial position destined for doom.

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