Mayor Lightfoot helps protect President Trump’s property

You can say what you want about Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her radical communist ways, but when it comes to insider public police protection, she is all for President Donald J. Trump and his multi-million-dollar properties.

Monday was just another day watching the City of Chicago go down the toilet. Mayor Lori Lightfoot has a ordered a massive police presence in downtown Chicago despite the rot and waste. Riot torn Chicago is subject to the biggest exodus in recent history.

Sure enough. Chicago Clout told you about how Lori Lightfoot and Governor Pritzker needing to stop their constant attacks against President Donald Trump. When you read Chicago newspapers, Trump is blamed to every ill the state has caused upon itself.

A few days ago, the newspapers reported the nice things Donald Trump Jr. said to Lori Lightfoot. It is another meaningless article aimed to titillate the uneducated fools. Mayor Lightfoot knows if she does not start kissing President Trump’s ass and soon, Chicago will face bankruptcy. Lori Lightfoot spent money thinking the Feds would pay the City back at a hefty profit. So, the more she spent, the more she could profit.

The massive police presence at Trump Tower in downtown Chicago is a gift to the Trump family. The picture does not show all the other police squads across the street with at least two cops in each squad. Many undercover police are also at Trump Tower thanks to Lori Lightfoot. The problem is Chicago cannot afford to have those many police at her private residence and at Trump Tower.

You can thank the boarded-up gold coast due to the insane actions made by Mayor Lori Lightfoot. She saw the riots as a chance to propel herself into the national political scene at our expense. The massive amount of taxes lost by her foolishness means Chicago will not recover. A six-hundred-page letter sent to Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office showing all the ways to save money was not even read by Lightfoot’s staff.

I am surprised Mayor Lightfoot totally gutted the City Hall personnel department. The new employees may match Lori’s background and ideals, but they fail to have the experience to get the job done.

Special thanks to the Chicago Police for protecting Mayor Lightfoot’s personal interests.

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