Alderman Edward M. Burke dead, almost

Soon, Alderman Edward M. Burke will be dead

It is not looking good for Chicago Alderman Edward Burke. Soon his carcass will be in the ground and the worms will eat him. Well, they might get a taste of that scumbag and go on to the next body. Alderman Edward Burke is still interfering with legal matters involving the City of Chicago. Amazing how Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the “reformer”, has allowed Burke to continue to control much of the legislation in Chicago. Burke and his cronies still control many levers in government. Many City employees are still taking orders from Burke and not Lightfoot. Amazing.

Alderman Leroy Lightfoot promised reforms, but all the same political hacks are still calling shots. Burke still controls the Chicago Workers’ Compensation program with an iron fist. The same law firms, consultants, and Burke appointees are still on the payroll at Department of Finance.

I hope Burke is ready for his greeting at the Dirksen Federal Building. Many Chicago City workers were scammed by Burke and lawyers practicing at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. Burke a catholic, will enjoy his stay in hell very soon. But with people like the Burke family, the Catholic Church is just a place to get votes.

Burke refuses to step away, but the cold ground awaits.

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