Mayor Lori Lightfoot Beheads Water Department Commissioner Randy “Apeman” Conner.

The City of Chicago lost another useless Commissioner today. The Department of Water Management has been poorly run for decades and refuses to change direction. Commissioner Conner found out quickly he is just another puppet. He was told he could clean house. Since when does a black man get control of anything in Chicago?

Many City of Chicago women sighed relief when the beast was relieved of duty. Many Department of Water Management ladies had to “get under the desk”. Many DOWM ladies came home with a sore jaw and privates. You had a choice, get under the desk, or work an honest day out in the street. Chicago should not hire laborers at $80,000.00 per year to complete minor office duties. Some ladies told me; it is cold outside. For the small amount of time, you do the nasty, it is a no brainer. I feel sad for men that have their wife at the Department of Water Management.

So, Lori Lightfoot toasted Randy “hit and run” Conner. Lori Lightfoot has earned a reputation as an ignorant bull-dyke. Lori talks down her staff and refuses to listen to good advice. You know the type, a bull-dyke gets power, not based on true worth, and then finds them self in apposition of authority. Lori is mishandling problem after problem. I emailed Lori when I found out several cops were ordered into Anjanette Young’s crib. Lori refused to have her staff confirm my email. COVER-UP.

Commissioner Conner failed to control his staff. He was sent over from another Department and had no idea of how to run the DOWM. Conner failed to improve anything. He failed to fire the cling-ons.  If you surround yourself with trash, you end up in the heap yourself. Conner might end up attempting to make money like the other connected employees from his connections. They continue to make companies and win contracts, most no bid.

Andrea Cheng (no she is not an M.D.) is the temporary new Department of Water Management Acting Commissioner. I hope she resolves all the disputing factions, settle honest complaints, fire the dog shit controlling the smaller departments. I cleaned out the feces in other Departments lately, but I am back to my department. I vow to make chop suey at DOWM again. Make peace, or you are next.

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