Mayor Lori Lightfoot called a ruthless Ho.

Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot has made extra hundreds of thousands of dollars while employed as Mayor of Chicago. Currently, Lightfoot has been paying millions of dollars in overtime to many departments to keep the wild negroes out of downtown Chicago. Many of the protestors are honkeys and unemployed Hispanics. The damage in the last few protests have been awfully expensive. Lesson learned? Make money, all you can.

Thanks to Lori and Amy, expenses are going through the roof in Chicago.

Lori quickly learned the same tricks Alderman Burke learned decades ago. Pass the money around and the unions will finance your reelection. Lori is becoming a master at it. When Lori ain’t playing around with racist stories and making a national idiot of herself, she is neglecting Chicago citizens in a God-awful situation.

Today, April 23, 2021, a lonely old citizen was getting removed from her residence. The lady was bombarded by Chicago Police Officers, the Health Department, the Building Department, and private contractors. The lady’s bags were piled on her front porch. Multiple do-nothing city employees walked around with cold hearts. They are boarding up her place and she will live in the gutter. This was in the 1400 block of Winona. You are next

Many neighbors gathered to give hugs, but one offered a free place for her to stay. Only a pig like Lori could be worried about her ugly face on Facebook and making national news. All the lies about progressives are exposed now. Lightfoot routinely steals injured city workers comp benefits and gives the money to lawyers that give her kickbacks.

So much for compassion in Chicago. Chicago is a shithole thanks to Lori. She is more worried about George Floyd, so she can gain power. What a fuking biach.

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