Chicago Taxpayers getting screwed again; Lightfoot keep raising water bills.

May 27, 2021 at 6832 West North Avenue Chicago

Many people in Chicago are starving from the Covid-19 problems. Mayor Lori Lightfoot shut down many businesses that will never reopen. The City of Chicago workers are scraping by because Lori Lightfoot stole their workers’ compensation benefits. Mayor Lightfoot endangered city workers with their exposure to Covid-19.

We are demanding the immediate termination of Andrea Cheng, the Acting Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Water Management. It does not take a PHD to notice these workers are sleeping in their cars midday. It does not take a PHD to notice workers are watching T.V. on their cell phones. It does not take a fucking PHD to notice the jobsite if fucking filthy and an embarrassment to any professional Union worker. The excavation is extremely dangerous and an immediate hazard to any citizen walking by and the sleeping workers.

Not long ago, Konrad Tucharski, a bricklayer for the Department of Water Management died from the same situation we see here. This is a repeat violation. Many reports to Victor Brume at the Illinois Department of Labor have been dismissed. If you look at this site, it is an absolute disgrace to anyone calling themselves a Union Local 130 Plumber. Where is Local 130 Business agents? Slopping and eating all day, I am sure.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot promised reform and got in bed with union money. This crew is taking advantage because the foreman is on another site. One jobsite one foreman must return to Chicago Water Department crews.

This crew thought they were close enough to a suburb to get away with safety rules and regulations. The Chicago Office of the Inspector General must shut down all crews until they work safely. The Chicago O.I.G. needs to demand the Committee on Finance stop fucking workers out of their workers’ compensation benefits when they allow this crime scene to continue. I am pissed; I have provided food, money, and housing to people denied workers’ compensation benefits. Heads must roll. I am still waiting for a return call I made yesterday to the Department of Water Management. Illinois must stop its one-party system because there are no checks and balances. Stop this shit now.

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