Handcuffed Midget Negro paraded in Chicago

A midget and duck-footed balding negro was paraded in handcuffs in front of the Chicago Media by racist Chicago Police brass for a media event to humiliate blacks again. The negro wearing farmer’s pants rolled up at the bottom looked like an absolute fool. According to the Chicago Police, the sex of this midget was still undetermined. The midget was talking with a gravel voice that the CPD said, “was put on”. The midget was also attempting to start a new style wearing the farmer’s pants like a Chicago Union Pipefitter. The CPD said, “the fashion icon for the butch lesbian community was demanding her freedom and refused to talk to white cops”. “It is all a cover-up, first the media and now this”, said the ugly midget.

Maybe, someday the Chicago Media will wake up and find out, in their wokeness, they created a monster. Mayor Lori Lightfoot is an absolute idiot and an insult to people that always want to do the right thing. Chicago is an absolute shithole and getting worse. Maybe it is time to vote in people based on their merits. Lori is a hot mess.

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