Chicago Building Parapet Drops to the sidewalk. Water Management employees could have died.

June 21, 2021  At 3906-3908 North Greenview, a large section of a brick parapet fell to the sidewalk below. Residents were told to evacuate. I talked to one of the Chicago Building Inspectors and he did not know the name of the brick wall that dropped. Chicago Department of Water Management were working on a water main project. The Mayor’s Office sent us to investigate.

I am going to say it again. Many Department of Water Management employees parked their trucks and cars right below on the street. The Department was cutting water main pipe in the street close to this accident. This could have been another deadly situation for Chicago Citizens. According to several Chicago Building officials, Lightfoot has stopped inspectors making visual checks of buildings all over Chicago. Lightfoot has ordered Building Inspectors to find money making violations instead. According to a DOWM Foreman, a street caved in just north of that site. If you check the southside of this building, you will also see some additional bulges.

Since the taxes have exploded in Chicago, many building owners do not have the money to make needed repairs. Mayor Lightfoot has also wiped out many Building owners with her Covid-19 free rent program. Please expect more of this. As a Certified State Inspector, I think the Chicago Building Department is a joke. But so is Lightfoot.

As a Building Expert, I suspect the roof was holding too much water and the outward pressure gave way. See you in court.

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